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An exuberant Hellooo to everyone and how are you?!? Last week was full of all kinds of extra energy with the Solstice, a "Ring of Fire" solar eclipse, and Pluto, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter have all gone retrograde! I am no expert on suns, moons, stars or planets, but this does not sound like we are in a business as usual phase! All I can suggest is that we all get grounded and like bamboo: be flexible, yet rooted unleash our power to spring back find wisdom in emptiness and "not-knowing" commit to continual growth express usefulness through simplicity Now, on to a little more about this week's MQ (Monday Quote) ... I was thinking about celebrations the other day and how much has gon

Managing Powerful Emotions When You Are Afraid

There's no doubt about it, fear is a powerful emotion. Fear manifests as worry in the mind and can express itself physically with digestive issues, difficulty breathing, sweating, a desire to hide and more! When you are in the throes of fear the waves of emotions can be overwhelming- even debilitating. Managing these powerful emotions takes effort but it can be done. Since fear affects the mind, body, and spirit, it makes sense to manage fear in each of these areas. There are actions you can take to manage these powerful feelings- emotionally, physically, and spiritually, so you can cope while you face your fears. Here’s how- Managing powerful emotions in your mind Fear is expressed by worry

The Power of a Worst-Case Scenario

Fear starts a domino effect. The worry that comes from fear can run as rampant as your imagination allows. Fear conjures images and scenarios in our minds that are generally worst case. In most instances, these scenarios will never happen, but the fear that they will can be overwhelming. The best way to defeat these worst-case scenarios is to embrace them and take them on. We gain power from tackling a tough situation. Most of them are products of our imagination and are far worse than what might actually happen. Forcing yourself to stop fretting about the worst is pretty simple. One way is to just ask yourself- what if? And then, answer it with as many positive responses as possible. Fear

Keep Fear From Making You Sick

Fear is an intense emotion. It can send a surge of white-hot energy throughout your body as adrenaline flushes your system and makes you keenly aware things aren’t right, which is a good thing. It can also simmer in your body with a constant reminder that something might go wrong at any moment and danger lurks behind every corner, which is not so good. Short term fear might result in a heightened sense of anxiety, the feeling of butterflies in your belly, sweating and flushing, or shortness of breath. As a throwback to our previous reference to saber tooth tigers, when faced with that kind of physical danger, we needed those reactions. Our heart rate and breathing would both accelerate as th

Friend or Foe? Some Fear Is Healthy

If you asked most people, they would agree fear is something they’d like to avoid. Being scared, feeling fear and worrying tend to be things people don’t enjoy. But fear can be healthy- it doesn’t always mean bad things are on the horizon. There are times when people embrace fear and use it to their advantage. Believe it or not fear can be harnessed and used for good. Fear is nature’s way of protecting the mind and the body. Generally, people use their thinking and their emotions to come to conclusions about experiences. An activity, thought, or experience is filtered through the mind and an emotion is attached to it, usually showing up as a sensation in the body. When thinking and emotion a

Fear- the Thief that Steals Your Future

Fear is a natural emotion and sometimes fear is actually very healthy. Our earliest ancestors relied on the fight or flight response to keep them safe. Though it's generated in the amygdala- the frontal lobe of the brain, fear can be felt throughout the body. Having a gut feeling or intuition that something isn’t safe is a good indicator. Feeling the hairs on your neck or arms stand on end can also tip you off, however we all have different "clues" that something isn't quite right. It's important to start recognizing how you feel and where you notice it in your body when this happens. Some people seem more afraid than others. There are a lot of factors that go into what makes someone fearful

Embracing, Learning, Changing

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening -- wherever you are and whatever time it is, I am so happy you are "here" with me. When you stop and take a moment in your day or night to read my humble blogette, it makes my heart sing. Honestly, I swear I can often feel the connection. Thank you for being part of my community. Come, be present, take a deep breath in and out ... these are times that we did not necessarily expect, and yet, they are not entirely surprising. It's as if we've been living with an undercurrent, sometimes unsettling, sometimes "just there, in the background". When I've taught a course in stress management and mindfulness, we've often talked about feeling like we are waki

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