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Managing Powerful Emotions When You Are Afraid

There's no doubt about it, fear is a powerful emotion. Fear manifests as worry in the mind and can express itself physically with digestive issues, difficulty breathing, sweating, a desire to hide and more! When you are in the throes of fear the waves of emotions can be overwhelming- even debilitating. Managing these powerful emotions takes effort but it can be done.

Since fear affects the mind, body, and spirit, it makes sense to manage fear in each of these areas. There are actions you can take to manage these powerful feelings- emotionally, physically, and spiritually, so you can cope while you face your fears. Here’s how-

Managing powerful emotions in your mind

Fear is expressed by worry and fretting about a clear and present danger as well as perceived threats that may not be immediate. Getting ahold of your thinking can help manage powerful emotions.

Tackle anxiety with meditation- Using breathing techniques, listening to neutral sounds like white noise, sounds of nature, or a healthy mantra can help clear the mind and lessen anxieties.

Tackle fear with knowledge- Most fear is driven by the unknown. Seek to better understand, get new information, or get educated about the issue that’s causing fear. Being informed can help lessen the worry and fear in your mind. A useful question can be, "Is this really true?". I highly recommend The Work by Byron Katie ( as a tool to work with fear.

Managing powerful emotions in your body

Your body is tied to your mind and often expresses fear and anxiety in unique ways. Fear can manifest in illnesses and injuries that are based on your thinking rather than your overall health. Getting ahold of your thinking coupled with managing your health can help you manage powerful emotions.

Tackle fear with healthy foods- A poor diet can elevate discomfort when you are managing powerful emotions. Eating high-fat, high-salt, and high-sugar foods when you are emotionally maxed out (which is, of course, what you think you are craving!) can make things worse. Eating healthy foods can help you sleep better, have more energy, and remove brain fog.

Tackle fear with self-care- Everyone experiences the physical reaction to fear differently. From aches and pains, to break outs there’s no universal physical reaction to powerful emotions. Finding the right self-care outlet to manage fear can make a big difference. From getting a massage to work out the knots from stress to taking long walks to clear your head and get dopamine flowing through your system, self-care can help you manage powerful emotions.

Managing powerful emotions in your spirit

Your mind, body and spirit are all connected. One always influences the other and the health of one area is usually reflected in another. Managing your mind and body can reduce the effects of powerful emotions, but it’s important to include your spirit as well.

Tackle fear with your perspective- Focusing on yourself can increase your fears. Thinking beyond yourself and looking at the bigger picture can help lessen the powerful emotions. Being in service to others or working towards a community or global goal can manage powerful emotions and give you a focus outside of yourself.

Tackle fear with your mindset- Your spirit is connected to a much larger source than yourself. Connecting with that Source Energy, whatever you choose to call it, can help you shift your mindset from hopelessness and helplessness to being one with a bigger influence, with the Universe. Letting go and letting the enormity of the positive possibilities come into play can help you shift your mindset from overwhelm to peace.

Being afraid causes a ton of stress that is expressed in your mind, body, and spirit. Placing your focus on each of these areas and tackling fear with intentional actions can help you recognize and manage these powerful emotions in a self-compassionate way.

This concludes my five-day conversation about Fear. I feel like we've only scratched the surface and I hope you were able to draw something helpful from it. I always love continuing the discussion, so please feel free to respond or contact me. I'm open to a heart-to-heart any time.

Sparkles and Love,

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