Change It Up

Hello! Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening! One of the gifts of COVID is a heightened awareness of what I'm doing and with whom I'm speaking. Even as I sat down to write this week's blogette, I realized I wanted to "greet" everyone first and I really want to know, "How are you doing?". Feel free to connect with me anytime and especially now. This week's Monday Quote was: "When you're trying to change thoughts that aren't supporting you, begin by talking about something different." That might sound like something Captain Obvious would say, so my first point is that if your mind is spinning and you feel like your thoughts are taking you on a bad trip, you've got to stop those thoughts. Easier s

Make A Cake

I love podcasts. Even before our time of confinement I was enjoying them on my long, cross-country drives. I've even been planning to start one myself, although that's on hold for now. Recently I've been listening to different ones while outside on my daily walks. Not only am I grateful to be able to be out in the fresh air, but I also really enjoy most of what I hear on whatever program I've plugged into. A few days ago I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts -- Oprah -- and I heard Common rapping his song Good Morning Love. One line in particular jumped out at me and I felt moved to make it the Monday Quote this week: "Many many times from mistakes I ran But I'm just a cake, let me

Relax and Release

I don't usually do this in my bi-weekly blogette, but today I feel like greeting everyone ... "Hello! How's it going for you? My current mantra is, "I hope you are happy and healthy!" As much as I'm encouraging everyone to turn off the tv and radio and to stop reading every report that comes out about the Corona Virus and as much as I would like to write about anything but the current state of affairs, I know it's still on everyone's mind. So, I'm going to offer some words of advice, some wisdom from this Crone and I want to make it clear that this is information to be used at any time. This week's Monday Quote was: "Most of us think that our power is tied in with struggle, misery, and self-

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