You Do You, It's the Best Way

Full blown, hot, summery greetings going out to you! This is my birthday month and we've been having the kind of weather that would have my mother remind me of how she labored in a military facility without air conditioning. I'm sure it was no picnic and she would have much rather been at the beach! Nine years later my sister was born the day before my birthday -- in an air-conditioned hospital. I think it was a better experience all around! I've been able to continue with my morning walks, even while visiting that sister in Virginia this week and it's always interesting to me how many thoughts come while making my way around the neighborhood. Sometimes I think I should record them and then

Meaningful Change

A huge, sunny hello from New England where we have been having a splendid summer! It feels just as hot as it "should" be with a few cooler days thrown in for surprise as well as some thunder, lightning, and soaking rain storms. It seems to be the perfect recipe for creating beautiful gardens, all on display for me to appreciate on my daily walks. I am grateful that so many people choose to put the time, effort, and love into their landscaping! I hope you've been finding some enjoyment in being outdoors wherever you are. This week's MQ (Monday Quote) was from, Notes from the Universe, which I love to receive every day. They're usually uplifting, often amusing, and generally a sour

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