Compassionate Resolution

Greetings to all of you from Boston. This is the last time I'll be writing from my hometown for the next several months. Next week I begin my annual cross-country drive to southern Oregon. I thought the pandemic would be unsettling, but the recent west coast fires have created a whole other set of concerns. I'll be keeping a close eye on the situation and will keep you all informed on my progress. You can also look for my Facebook videos which I'll be posting along the way. With all the "free" time we've had to contemplate life during the time of COVID, it's no wonder if you've found yourself thinking about your past. Whenever I go there I not only have fond memories but I also remember thin

The Gift of Contrast

A flamboyant Hello to you all! See what I did there? If you read my last blogette, you'll get it. If you didn't, get yo'self over to the site and check it out. I'd love to know how you're faring these days?! We've been hit with some unseasonable, very cool (as in lower temps, but also pretty awesome) days and nights. Since it's New England, I'm betting on another heat wave before the end of the month. I'm finding it interesting how people are reacting differently to this weather. For some, it just doesn't seem "right", it's "too early" for such chilly days. For others, it's a relief because they flat out don't like 90 degree weather and this leads me into the MQ from

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