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More Than Enough?

How are you blooming this week? Spring is in full force in New England. I have a little touch of seasonal allergies, but a few sneezes and needing eye drops for itchiness are worth seeing the budding trees and flowers.

This week's Seed addressed something that I've been thinking about for quite some time. When my kids were little they would fantasize about winning the lottery. They would talk about a huge house and an excess of "things".

Then, in 2015 the HGTV network introduced a new show, "My Lottery Dream Home". Much like my children years before, I watched adult couples get carried away with their wants and desires, putting a large amount of money into a house with little thought of the bigger picture. Statistics show that nearly one-third of all lottery winners declare bankruptcy, often within three to five years. Their biggest mistakes include:

  • buying everything, indiscriminately

  • ignoring debt

  • making rash investments and financial decisions

  • continuing to play the lottery in hopes of more, even after winning large amounts

In both situations, I would say there was a perception of "need", as if there just wasn't enough in their lives.

If we watch television or check out social media sites, we are bombarded with the craving for more and the message is to aim to be over the top in what we have and aspire to. As a participant in the entrepreneurial world, I am often teased with offers to "turn my annual income into my monthly income" if I just follow a certain formula or take a series of steps, of course after paying a hefty sum to an expert who has apparently been highly successful. While I am all in favor of thinking and dreaming big, I sometimes wonder if we don't go right past our "comfort zone", without even recognizing it, in our striving for more and more.

Is our desire for a deluxe, expensive car because it truly gives a better ride or because it "looks" good?

Do we want palatial homes because we find joy in being at home and we love inviting people to share our space or because it's "impressive"?

Are we going for what we really want or because we want others to envy us? In other words, are we more influenced by our internal drive or by what others think?

When I say "comfort zone", I don't mean the place where we can get stuck. That can be the place where we settle in and avoid moving forward. In this instance, I'm talking about getting to know what we really need to be relaxed and content. It's a place of gratitude and acknowledgement of having plenty. It's not about "settling" or trying to "make do" with less than we truly require. It's an awareness of all we've achieved and received. It's taking stock of how much more we think we need for happiness and assessing whether or not it's really true. What does enough mean to you? Let's start looking for fulfillment, satisfaction, and happiness where we are and from that strong center of well-being we can move forward to more, if that's next on our agenda -- this is what I wish for you.

I have an opening for one-to-one coaching! Here's what some of my past clients have said:

"...this is probably the biggest gift, finding my own center, my deep down, my quiet still place again."

"Our sessions centered me and brought my focus back to where it needed to be."

"I loved my sessions with Barbara! She listens to me like no other."

Contact me and let's talk about something you want to address.

Sparkles and Love,


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Barbara L Cummings, MS, RN

is a sassy Queen-ager whose mission is to co-create a happier, healthier life with and for others.

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