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Asset or Liability?

A happy and healthy hello! How are you feeling today? I'm feeling frisky with the ups and downs of New England summer weather. We've been back and forth between the mid to high 50's and into the 90's some days. I love being outside in the city. The area of Boston where I live has wonderful neighborhoods with beautiful gardens, hills, ponds, parks, and green paths for casual or serious walks and hikes. I'm so grateful to be able to keep moving my body. Which reminds me of a quote I heard recently from Tom Brady, the former NE Patriot football quarterback (I'm still getting over his "defection" to Florida! LOL):

"My body is my asset."

This is an athlete who has won seven Super Bowls and at 43 (he'll be 44 in August) he's still playing. More importantly, he's playing and feeling good and he is very vocal about all the healthy habits he uses to be in optimal condition. He loves the game and he wants to and intends to keep going as long as he can. How about you? Would you consider your body to be an asset or a liability? Do you wish you could do certain things, but it feels hard or even impossible? Have you decided it's a lost cause and/or given up? I sure hope not. I admit that I've always liked sports and physical activity, however there have been times in my life when my joints hurt and I didn't have as much energy as I wanted, especially in my 60's. A big part of that was the 40 pounds I packed on, mostly little by little, over the last several years. Now that I've got almost all that extra weight off, not only do I have very few aches and pains, -- I also have great, sustained energy and the brain fog has gone away, too. It's not just about the poundage putting pressure on my knees and other parts of my body. It's also about indulging in healthy practices that support my whole body and system. It's almost embarrassing to share my "before" photo with you, however what really struck me when I saw it was how unhappy I looked a year ago. It wasn't just feeling schlumpy, it was about not feeling anywhere near my best all around. If you can relate to any of this and you'd like to talk about it, I'm available. Send me an email, I dream of living in a world where more people feel healthier and stronger -- this is our birthright and this is how we make life more enjoyable.

Happy Healthy Habit Hump Day!


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Barbara L Cummings, MS, RN

is a sassy Queen-ager whose mission is to co-create a happier, healthier life with and for others.

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