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A big, hot hello from Florida! A couple of weeks ago I sent out a post about my feelings of indecision and uncertainty. After writing The Seed, Bloom, and Care for the last several years, I felt an indefinable shift. Continuing with the same-same didn't feel right, yet I wasn't sure what was "next" until this week ... Ta-daa! Introducing NOW. For the summer, at least, I will be sending out whatever is my current question, awareness, or maybe concern and sharing it with you, dear reader. As a mother-baby nurse, I am often reminding new parents to stay in the moment. A newborn is not worried about what's next. Their concern is all about what's going on in the present. I noticed a similar approach to life after spending a week in Florida with my 95-year old dad. After all, that's really where life happens. We can't go back and put ourselves in the past and projecting forward to the future can also be an exercise that makes us feel anxious and a little crazy. 

This week, in our premier episode, I'm sharing a video with you. Even though I've been a meditation guide and doing my best to embrace mindfulness for the last 30+ years, I can also slip into the realm of what if and focusing on worry. When I received an email from Pam Grout, author, muse, and "hopeless romantic" (as she puts it) with this hopeful TED Talk, I knew it addressed exactly where I've been recently. And, by the way, Pam has a pretty cool TED Talk of her own, "Why everybody -- not just artists -- needs to practice creativity...". 

Sit back, enjoy, and as Ram Daas always said, "Be here now".  If you have any comments, suggestions, or just want to open up a conversation, please reply, I would LOVE to connect. I'm here with you and for you. You are brilliant!

You are brilliant!


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is a sassy Queen-ager whose mission is to co-create a happier, healthier life with and for others.

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