Day 10 - Embrace Habits & Routines to Feel Calmer

We've discovered how it's actually better in so many ways to focus on one thing at a time. You'll enhance your sense of calm when you can give your full attention to what you're doing and live in the moment. Another thing that aids in feeling calm is to embrace habits and routines. Creating systems or patterns throughout your day can provide you with all sorts of benefits. Read on to discover them for yourself. Roles Understood When you engage in regular habits, particularly among groups like family or co-workers, it increases a general sense of understanding. There can be some peace of mind in this type of awareness. Having a general idea of what is expected of or what you will be doing is

Day 9 - Stay Calm at Work by Focusing on One Project at a Time

I've already mentioned multi-tasking before in previous days. It's worth mentioning again. People everywhere seem to be in a rush. We all have a lot to do, yet the same 24 hours each day in which to get it done. Chances are you've tried multi-tasking in order to get more accomplished. This might seem like a good plan, but it's not always as effective as you might expect it to be. The truth is, multi-tasking is terrible for your productivity. Your brain isn't built to process activities in such a way. You'll get more done, not to mention feel more mindful and calm, when you focus on just one thing at once. Staying on task and being efficient is especially important on the job. Keep reading to

Day 8 - A Good Morning Routine Can Set the Tone for a Calm Day

Mornings can be a hectic and rushed time. This is especially true when you're responsible for getting others, like kids, ready for their day and out the door on time. Starting your day feeling frazzled, cranky, and overwhelmed isn't good for anyone. A simple solution to make things a whole lot less stressful is to create a morning ritual for yourself that you perform each and every day. Let me explain to you what I mean by this and how a good morning routine can set the tone for a calm day. What is a Morning Routine? A morning routine is a series of actions you take every morning to help set the tone for your day. It's a type of self-care that allows you to begin each day feeling energized,

Day 7 - Is Your Smartphone Stressing You Out?

Many people consider their smartphones to be something they can't live without. These small devices pack a big punch. They have the ability to help us so much in our daily lives with things like keeping track of schedules, finding important information, staying up-to-date on current events, and maintaining social connections. Unfortunately, smartphone use has also introduced a lot of negative effects into our lives that can be quite harmful if we don't learn to manage them and find a healthy balance. Let's take a look at some of the ways your smartphone could be stressing you out and causing you harm. Lost Productivity As useful as these devices are and as convenient as they make our lives,

Day 6 - Take a Critical Look at the Media You’re Consuming

In today's technologically-connected world, some type of media is always at our fingertips. Literally. You only have to pick up your smartphone to be connected to your network of friends and family or to see the latest news headlines. While it might seem convenient and there are lots of ways in which such accessibility can be useful, these things can also cause a tremendous amount of stress for us all. Let's take a critical look at the media you're consuming and the ways in which it can affect your peace of mind. Types of Media Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram give you an up close and personal view of what's going on in the lives of your friends, family members, and c

Day 5 - Simple Ways to Stay Calm When Chaos Erupts

Life has its ups and downs. There are periods that will be more hectic and crazy than others. During these times, it can really help you to learn some coping strategies. There are some simple ways to stay calm when chaos erupts in your life. Having a settled mind and looking at things from a less frazzled state can truly help you to make clear-headed decisions. Keep these in mind next time life gets turned upside down. Count to Ten It may sound too good to be true, but this strategy really works. Just count slowly from one to ten. Try to breathe deeply as you do, as this will enhance the effects. This little trick can help you to quickly gain control of your emotions and feel calmer in a pin

Day 4 - A Calm & Relaxing Bedroom Promotes Better Sleep

Sometimes we tend to forget to take into consideration our physical health when creating more calm in our lives. When your body feels better, you're bound to have an improved mental outlook. A key component to better health is getting a good night's rest. This can be difficult for many of us when our lives are jam-packed and our minds are constantly on overload. Follow these tips for creating a calm and relaxing bedroom, and you'll be getting better sleep in no time. Get Your Best Mattress First and foremost, the best mattress you can afford is recommended, if at all possible. Go to the store so that you can test out each mattress and find the one that feels best for you. It's a good idea to

Day 3 - Creating Inner Calm Through Meditation

In yesterday's blog post, I introduced you to the idea of decluttering. While physical clutter can literally get in the way, there’s also mental clutter that can have a huge impact on your overall emotional state. Today, I'd like to introduce you to a practice that is known to tame the overwhelm of your mind. Meditation can do just that, and it offers numerous benefits for your brain and your overall well-being. Let's take a look. About Meditation Meditation is a practice in which you get quiet and become aware of the present moment. It can take a number of forms such as guided imagery, mindfulness, breathing exercises, and more. No matter which form it takes, the main point of such exercise

Day 2 - Clutter Causes Overwhelm & Stress

One of the biggest causes of stress in our lives is actually clutter. Seeing piles of clothes, unopened junk mail, laundry, a messy desk, and other disarray can cause most people to feel anxious and overwhelmed, sometimes even depressed. It's hard to achieve a sense of calm when there's chaos all around. That's why it's important to corral the clutter in your life. Taking steps to get control of the disorder is the start of creating calm. Read on, and I'll tell you more about that. Clutter and Stress Each person's definition of clutter is different. We all have our comfort level when it comes to the amount of stuff we want to have around us and to enter our lives. However, it's when you begi

Welcome and Why it’s More Important than Ever to Find Calm

Thank you so much for joining me in this 15 Days of Creating Calm Challenge. Welcome! I'm thrilled you've decided to come along on this two-week+ journey to discovering a life of peace you may not have known could exist. I know that may sound like an exaggeration, but it's truly not. Living a calmer life is possible. Today's world is more hectic by nature. Everything seems to be moving faster. However, the basic resources for creating serenity remain the same. Learning just a few tips and tools can help you gain control of the chaos that seems to constantly surround you. It doesn’t mean it will always be easy. Most of us have lots of obligations. There are people, tasks, deadlines, and more

Unplug and Sigh

If you've never heard of or read anything by her, I highly recommend you look up Anne Lamott. She's an American author and the agency that handles her speaking engagements sums her up perfectly: Anne Lamott writes and speaks about subjects that begin with capital letters: Alcoholism, Motherhood, Jesus. But armed with self-effacing humor – she is laugh-out-loud funny – and ruthless honesty, Lamott converts her subjects into enchantment. I like pretty much anything Anne writes, but this week's Monday Quote from her really spoke to me: "Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you." And my comment to that was: "Aaah, the lusciousness of unplugging." With

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