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Happy 2023! Last Sunday was the day after Saturday just like any other weekend, however it has an assigned significance to it. We measure our lives out in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years. In some ways, a "new" year makes things a little more exciting. Instead of waking up to "more of the same", we anticipate both the ending and the beginning of a major event. It takes on meaning. What can we celebrate from the last 365 days and what do we lament? What do we look forward to and what hopes are raised? However you look at the new year, I think it offers an opportunity to at least pause and take in the sacredness of our lives. From day to day we often forget to do that and get caught up in the blur of "what's next"... which is the perfect segue into this week's Bloom!

"Yet another reason to practice meditation and mindfulness: When we're distracted and not mindful, we miss cues and can get lost."

One of the projects I'm taking on in this "new" year is a little reconstruction of my website, mainly because I've realized the importance of offering some Programs that I've been keeping under wraps. I could go into a story of how I didn't think they were ready or perfect, but none of that really matters. The truth is we have all felt under attack since March, 2020 and it has taken its toll. It's not all bad since it's also been a catalyst for respecting and valuing some things that we might have taken for granted as well as prioritizing what's really important. It feels like the Universe has extended a huge invitation to my persona, the Mindful Maven. She is a cheeky mentor and mistress of meditation. She is really needed and I feel ready for the task at hand.

Mindfulness is about focusing and bringing our attention to the present moment without judgement. Meditation is a practice that helps us become aware of "staying in the now" and assists us in recognizing what that feels like so we can learn to become mindful at any time. The opposite of that is to rush around and multitask with hardly any acknowledgement or appreciation. Ultimately, we wonder how we've ended up where we are. Of course, it's obvious that if we aren't paying attention while we're driving or walking somewhere, we'll miss the street signs or lose track of where we are. At some point we might get lost, especially if we are in an unfamiliar location. If we're in an area well-known to us it will probably mean reorienting ourselves and turning around and possibly arriving late. What about looking at a bigger picture -- our lives as a whole? What kinds of cues could we be missing if we aren't alert and instead, constantly scattered and distracted? Think of what areas of our lives could suffer or even be in danger ... Not living in the moment can take its toll on our physical and mental health, especially if we miss symptoms of not being well. Our relationships can start to deteriorate because we're not noticing the needs of others. It can also mean we're not addressing our own essential care and therefore, unable to offer support. Our work/jobs can be affected and we won't be productive. Constantly bouncing back between the past and the future while rarely landing in the present causes anxiety, frustration, depression, and exhaustion. It's not a recipe for enjoying life or for feeling successful. The ticket to not losing our way is to slow down at the very least or even stop. If you've been experimenting with meditation or even if you're a regular meditator (we need reminders, too!), tap into some cues you've learned to use. For anyone who hasn't meditated yet that might mean noticing where your feet are and letting yourself feel "grounded" wherever you are. You can take three conscious breaths, watching yourself take in air and letting it out. In some instances you can even close your eyes and listen to your breathing. You might repeat a mantra like, "I breathe in calm.". With practice, you'll be able to bring yourself into the moment and out of the chaos fairly quickly. Investing in mindfulness and meditation will definitely bring you rewards in the form of less anxiety and uneasiness -- this is what I wish for you. If you would like to know more about mindfulness and meditation, I can fill you in. Contact me with your Q's and I'll give you some A's -- it would be my pleasure.

Sparkles and Love,


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is a sassy Queen-ager whose mission is to co-create a happier, healthier life with and for others.

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