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Your Rescue Kit

It's Spring (or Fall if you're in the southern hemisphere)! At least that's what the astronomical calendar says -- it was the vernal equinox a couple of days ago, when the sun crosses the celestial equator in a northerly direction, marking the prime meridian of right ascension. In other words, day and night were about the same length. As the sun gets closer to us up north, it gets warmer. After a very mild winter, I'm curious to see how summer plays out. What's your favorite season?

I don't know about you, but no two days are ever alike for me. Sometimes they might look similar, but even if I'm engaging in activities that resemble the day before, my mood or outlook can be very different. It's not really important as to why -- I can write about that another time, but simply acknowledging that some mornings I'm feeling a little funky is what I'm talking about. Some days can feel really challenging and as much as I have learned a lot about finding a higher vibration and I help others, I have my low points. I can get caught up in fear, sadness, uncertainty, insecurity, self-doubt ... you get the picture, right? I've been giving a lot of thought and reflection lately about what I can do to help myself and my clients. Therefore, I was thrilled when I found an older blog from Crazy, Sexy Kris Carr ( describing her "Bad Day Rescue Kit". Wow, did that resonate with me!

Having a lot of wanderlust and traveling a lot, I'm often putting together little "Emergency Kits". I have one in my car with extra oil and other vehicular necessities. I also have a first-aid bag with band-aids, Tylenol, and the like, and I always carry a little make-up kit with lip balm and lipstick, etc. When I fly and check my suitcase, I put a small bag with underwear and an outfit in my carry-on, just in case my luggage goes off on its own journey. When I read about Kris' Kit, which was suggested by her therapist in conjunction with a plan for dealing with an anxiety provoking situation, it made a lot of sense to me. So here's my proposal...

Since this isn't going to be a little bag or container that you slip under the seat, in the glove box, or in your purse, I suggest you either find a good sized box, plastic tote, or even an extra suitcase that you don't use. Decorate it if you need help remembering that this is your Comfort Kit. I started with recommendations from Kris, and ultimately I made it my own. I urge you to do the same. I highly endorse including the following:

  • Write yourself a love letter, or at least a note. Put it in a pretty card or on special paper. Do this when you're having a particularly good, high-vibration day. Talk yourself up and make it a reminder that you love and approve of yourself.

  • Put in a few essential oils -- ones that you love the smell and also something like lemon, grapefruit, ylang-ylang with bergamot to lift you up.

  • Have a tea that feels soothing and maybe a really fine piece of chocolate.

  • Include a particularly soft blanket or shawl. Something to wrap around yourself.

  • Candles can remind you of light and love. They can also be a cue for taking a few healing breaths -- you can think about blowing out the flame and as you relight the wick, take a deep breath in.

  • A couple of pretty little notebooks -- one could be just for gratitudes, the other to simply write out what's bothering you and let it go.

  • Epsom salts and/or bath bombs. You might need a reminder of how comforting it can be to luxuriate in a bath.

  • A headset or something that inspires you to listen to music that either calms or lifts you up and maybe teases you to take a dance break.

  • A card with the phone #'s or names of friends that always raise your spirits. Reach out and connect.

This is a pretty good start. Of course, I'm always a fan of sparkles, crystals, and anything that shimmers and shines (jewelry, a sparkly top or scarf, glittery pens?). Honestly, for me, it feels good just planning and putting it all together. What would you add to your Kit? Have fun creating one. Have a Rescue Kit party and invite your friends. It's something all ages can participate in and as always, be care-full. I'd love to hear what you would put in your Kit. Or, if you're having trouble thinking about what you'd put in, contact me. In half an hour, I'm sure we'll come up with at least three things that can comfort you.

Happy Healthy Habit Hump Day,


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