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It's hot, hot, hot out here in S Oregon! I had been warned about soaring summertime temperatures, but June and half of July proved to be a bit cooler than usual. Now, it's warmed up with a vengeance. I have a new appreciation for my hospital contract -- it's a good place to stay cool.

Fortunately, I'm also able to sit down to write with the a/c humming in the background. It creates a space without certain distractions and helps me focus on the task at hand which is a little conversation about Monday's Seed:

"Being airy-fairy isn't such a bad thing. It implies being lighter, more open to our Soul and not being so dense or heavy."

It's so easy to feel weighed down and serious these days. If we get caught up in the news broadcasts it almost makes us feel bad if we find some lightness or humor around us. How can we be playful and upbeat while some of the world is in turmoil? How can we not?!?

Yes, there is a lot of sh*t going on in the world. No, I am not a heartless, dispassionate b#tch. What I have learned, so far, in my over 70 years is that I can't help anyone or any situation if I simply join in. Imagine someone has fallen down a long, dark well. There's no immediate means of getting out. I'm not going to ignore it and go off to a party so I can forget about it. I'm also not going to jump in the well along with them -- now there would be two of us in the same predicament, feeling badly. I would do my best to get help along the lines of a very tall ladder or some other means of rescue. Then, we would celebrate and party. Some world affairs can seem dire. Often it's clear that a taller ladder isn't enough and many times it doesn't feel like we can help. There are times when I feel anger, despair, and helplessness. When this happens, I eventually remember to get quiet. I sit and find my center. If I'm lucky, I hear the whisper from my Soul both soothing me and also helping me come up with ideas. Sometimes, all I get is a little bit of comfort being connected to Source. Usually, that means I'll get some answers a little later. That might look like coming across some information regarding ways in which I can offer support.

I've been known to perform rituals and create sacred space. I've lit candles, listened to music and certain sound waves and moved my body and pictured my chakras. I meditate and I send out prayers. This could be called airy-fairy. This implies dainty, delicate, unsubstantial, impractical, or even "foolishly idealistic". I have seen, first-hand, in the hospital setting, what people look like when they are burdened by the weight of everyday living. Many times all they really want and need is some comforting. They want some support. They don't want to feel heavy-hearted. When all we can see is troubles it feels clunky, clumsy, and burdensome. It's impossible to find a way out if we stay in the same energy as the problem. My suggestion is to be caring and look for the best. Try on some airy-fairy wings and get fanciful. Learn how to practice self-compassion and take your concern out into the world. Above all, stay hopeful and help others feel better by your example -- this is what I wish for you. Do these feel like tough times? I get it if you answered, "Yes". Send me a message and let's connect through a complementary Discovery Session.

Sparkles and Love,


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Barbara L Cummings, MS, RN

is a sassy Queen-ager whose mission is to co-create a happier, healthier life with and for others.

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