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A Force-full Case

"Finding routines that contribute to your total well-being


Hanging with people that support your dreams


Becoming a force to contend with in the best possible way!"

This week's Pleasure Point was a mathematical equation. Basically, it was one part healthy routines plus a good support group equals becoming a force to contend with. Let's start at the end and work backwards.

What does it mean to be a force to reckon or contend with? It means being important, powerful and strong, but most of all someone who cannot or must not be ignored. Oh, my! Does that send a shiver of excitement or terror through you? Are you tired of being ignored or does that feel safer?

In general, it usually feels good to be thought of as important. It gives us validity and helps

us feel like we are on the right track. It also implies that we are needed. For most women, it's almost the same as feeling appreciated and who doesn't want that!?

From what I've seen, many women do not consider themselves strong, yet as an OB nurse I've observed incredible strength, both physical and psychological, in new mothers. The women I see struggle with not being able to own their strength often end up depressed and anxious. Anti-depressant medications are at an all time high these days.

As far as feeling powerful, too many women are afraid it will be threatening to men to claim their power. My take on that is that we each have our own ways of being powerful and when we let go of an outdated, ancient patriarchal "system", we can embrace the power that uplifts us all. Also, power is not something we achieve at the cost of someone else. It is simply coming fully into our own.

Finally, who wants to be ignored? No one that I know however, I also know that sometimes

it feels less risky to call as little attention to ourselves as possible. Y'all know, though, that I never advocate sitting on the sidelines when life is inviting you to jump in.

So, how are you feeling about being that bold, wonderful force to reckon with? Better, I hope. Now, all you need is to start working on putting together habits and routines that make you feel your best and combine it with good people who have your back. Get on out there! I'm here rooting for you and I know you can do it!


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Barbara L Cummings, MS, RN

the Mindful Maven and Mistress of Meditation, is a sassy Queen-ager, mentor, confidante and trusted guide who provides people with everyday life support. 

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