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What To Do

The world feels like it's turning upside down.

Nothing feels "right" or familiar.

Tom Brady is leaving the New England Patriots football team and going to play for the Tampa Buccaneers.

Ha-ha! I bet you thought I was talking about the Coronavirus. I couldn't resist. I fully recognize that we are in a serious situation and I also know that if we fall into despair we won't be able to keep our spirits or our immunity up. When we get that sinking feeling and it lasts for more than just a few minutes, we trigger chemical reactions in our bodies that produce hormones like cortisol. This can make us more susceptible to illness. Washing your hands every hour won't entirely make up for a compromised immune system.

At first glance, this week's Monday Quote might not seem like it has anything to do with what's being designated a pandemic...

"Live as if, as if life was easy,

people were awesome and,

you just haven't yet decided which

of your favorite charities should receive

your anonymous $1 million donation."

Always, The Universe

"Before you protest, just imagine what that would look and feel like."


Actually, it ties right in with how we can keep our energy and vibration levels high.

Even though it might feel like we're losing our autonomy with all the restrictions being imposed upon us in an attempt to get the virus under control, it's important to remember that we still have choices.

We can watch the news on television and read every negative report online and go crazy. We can become discouraged and when we talk to anyone we can complain and talk about how bad it is.

Another option would be to ignore all media and pretend that everything is fine as long as we hide out and don't pay any attention to anyone or anything. Neither of those would be helpful in dealing with the situation. So what are we supposed to do?

Here is my suggestion and it lies somewhere in between ... First of all, make a plan.

  • Start the day with meditation. Relax into feeling grounded and centered and in touch with your Soul.

  • You could decide that you'll check in with the "news" for about 15 minutes each day, just to get a feel for what's being presented out there. You can simply turn on the television or radio, but also look into reliable, trustworthy websites for accurate information.

  • Make sure you make room for connection with other people, especially friends who are interested in staying positive. It might mean meeting up or at least talking on the phone either with individuals or put together a conference or Zoom call.

  • Wash your hands. There's a lot of attention being paid to this simple rule of hygiene, but it's been a regular question on the NCLEX exam, the standardized test that every state regulatory board uses to determine if a candidate qualifies to be a licensed RN -- "What is the best way to prevent the spread of infection? Answer: Regular washing of hands and not sharing towels."

  • Laugh, chuckle, giggle, guffaw, snort, chortle, cackle, snicker ... in other words, bust a gut. A well-developed sense of humor and laughter can energize your lungs, heart, and other muscles and trigger your brain to release endorphins. It can stimulate circulation and soothe tension through muscle relaxation. It's also contagious, so practice with your friends. It's a good thing to spread around.

  • Take this time "off" to read those books next to your bed, tackle small projects you've been meaning to get to, dive into that course you ordered up online and that's still sitting in your inbox, watch something interesting on Netflix, and catch up on some sleep.

  • Focus on the positive. Imagine what it would feel like if "life was easy, people were all awesome, and you had a million dollars to give away". When you are able to conjure up the feeling, your brain doesn't know if it's actually true or not and you will simply feel better.

I love seeing how people are making the best of it, especially on Facebook. It's been heart-warming to see the videos, reading the stories and quotes, and many reaching out for connection. I really believe that there is always something good that comes out of difficulty -- look for it.

One last note -- As of yesterday, March 18, 2020, the World Health Organization has confirmed 179,111 cases of COVID-19/Coronavirus worldwide. There are approximately 7.8 billion people in the world. I'm not trying to make light of an illness, but this and other statistics are more reassuring than the media is leading us to believe. One site that seems reputable is

Now is the perfect time to really take care of yourself and reach out to others. I'm counting on us all getting through this together and this is what I wish for you.

P.S. If you're feeling particularly anxious and have been thinking about working with someone to "sort things out", I still have a couple spots open. Send me a message at and we'll set up a chat.

Sparkles and Love,

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is a sassy Queen-ager whose mission is to co-create a happier, healthier life with and for others.

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