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Grabbing Your Attention

When I first started sending out a newsletter several years ago, which has now morphed into this, my blogette, I would look for quotes from other people that inspired me. Over time, I would notice that on a walk or a long drive, I would have what I started to think of as "downloads". These were my own observations on life and situations and I wanted to share them with you. I used to worry that I might not be as clever or as original as some who have been quoted extensively, like Colette or Oscar Wilde. Then I remembered the saying, there's nothing new under the sun, which I interpret to mean many ideas or thoughts that seem new aren't really ... but there may be lots of people who haven't heard of them, yet, so they are new to them. Also, sometimes, we just need to hear something again that we've forgotten or that's being expressed in a slightly different way.

This week's Monday Quote felt like that to me. I don't know when I first heard

"Where your attention goes, energy flows."

and when I looked it up, it didn't seem to be attributed to any one particular person. I know I've heard it expressed in a variety of ways and recently it keeps popping up in my mind. I have probably mentioned some version of this adage in my writing at least once over the years and I was concerned that I was repeating myself for all of you, however it really seemed to be wanting to get my attention.

As I considered it, I reflected on things going on in my life now. I had planned on taking a nursing contract in Boston for the summer for quite awhile and I thought I had a hospital all lined up. The Universe had other ideas and I had to start thinking of backup plans. The more time I spent fretting over not getting the contract the less I allowed for there to be other options. My job search felt like it hung in limbo until I consciously chose to think in terms of possibility and a great offer came through.

The same thing happened around getting a place to live while working in Boston. I'd been hearing a lot about growing "problems" in the area around traffic, increasingly high prices, and the scarcity of apartments. I let myself get caught up in the chatter and starting agonizing about not finding the right living space. As soon as I decided to repeat a couple of my favorite mantras like, "everything always works out for me" and "the Universe has my back", and others like that, the perfect situation opened up to me. The location, cost, and beautiful physical space are perfect.

It's an energetic law -- thoughts create reality. If you keep thinking you're going to lose your job, or have a terrible trip, or that you'll always be broke, chances are it will all happen. There's something funny (not "ha-ha" funny, more like "oh, sh*t" funny) about being anxious over a possibility that brings that energy right, smack, dab into the middle of our world. Through our actions, triggered by our mental gymnastics, we can attract exactly what we don't want. Once we become aware of this, it's a wonderful thing to take that same energy and put it toward what we desire. Energy's gotta go somewhere -- might as well make it work for us.

Abraham ( says,

"Worrying is using your imagination

to create something you don't want."


"When you focus on the good,

the good gets better."

I invite you to spend some time this week and observe where your attention is at any given time. This is not an exercise intended to set you up for judgement and self-criticism. It's simply being a mindful spectator of what you often think about. You might notice how you feel when you are really aware of what you're focusing on. If it doesn't feel good, look for a thought that helps you feel better and more hopeful. With a little practice, you can make this your default and this is what I wish for you.

P.S. Just as I was getting this ready to send to my assistant to publish, the following came into my inbox. Clearly my energy is flowing in this direction ... this is what has my attention.

What You Think Is What You Get


You don't have to know how it will come into your life, just lay the groundwork, follow leads, and prepare for its arrival. The law of attraction is surprisingly simple: Like attracts like. It becomes a bit more complicated when it comes to training our minds to think in ways that will bring what we desire into our lives. The term "self-fulfilling prophecy" describes the same law. This well-known term explains that we create the circumstances our mind dwells upon, whether positive or negative. So our goal is to practice consistent presence of mind to make sure our thoughts are always directed toward the positive and what we want to create.

A key to the process is the word "frequency." This is true for two reasons: 1) The frequency you use when you passionately dwell upon or revisit a thought, dream, desire, or goal provides the energy your musings need for creation; and 2) just like a radio station broadcasts on a certain frequency, like the radio you must be "tuned in" to receive it. This means preparing for the arrival of your dream on every possible level--material, physical, and spiritual. You don't have to know how it will come into your life, just trust that it will. Your job is to lay the groundwork, follow any leads you can find, and prepare for its arrival. This can mean cleaning out your garage to make space for a new car, taking a tour of a model home to get the feel of it in order to feed your fantasies, or thinking of what you want in a mate and then living up to that list yourself. Just like with any skill, the law of attraction must be practiced. We must decide what makes us feel abundant and use our imagination to create the feeling. It isn't enough to just want something--you must use the power of your thoughts to attract it. A series of choices is what brings us everything in our lives right now, every moment. When we know the direction in which we want our choices to take us, it is as if we've placed an order with the universe. We can then await its arrival with joyful anticipation. If we find ways to experience our dreams right now, we make creating joy a treasure hunt in which the seeking is just as much fun as the finding.

Sparkles and Love,

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