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Slightly Flawed Perfection

Photo by Annie Spratt

Oh, my goodness ... this time next week I will have been in Portugal for five days already! I'm still working one more shift at the hospital and I haven't packed, yet, and I want so badly to look like I have it all together! Actually, I feel a little bit like a hot mess which is charming and right on target for the MQ (Monday Quote) that we posted:

"You won't be perfect, but be careful not to elevate your flaws, either."

Ideally, falling somewhere in the middle is the goal. Trying to be perfect (or, at least trying to look like we are) is a trap many of us fall into. It's so unrealistic and so stressful! When we finally throw in the towel, however, we sometimes go to the other extreme where we flaunt ALL our perceived deficiencies. It's almost as if, by exaggerating our inadequacies or limitations, well, maybe we'll achieve a level of martyrdom that's right up there with sainthood! I don't think so.

Since I'm short on time this week, here's my advice:

  • Don't try to be perfect, but definitely put your awesomeness on display.

  • Downplay those pesky, little shortcomings that you think you have and also, own up to them when they show up.

  • Be forgiving when you encounter someone else's faults. You'll create good karma and someone will forgive yours sometime down the road.

  • Praise someone for their brilliance for the same reason as above -- we can never get too much good karma.

Most of all, have fun, enjoy being human, and look for what improves your life -- this is what I wish for you!

Next week, I'll be writing from Portugal!


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