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Ending or Transition?

Hello, dear Readers. Depending on which window I look out, I can see trees, fields, mountains, vineyards, cattle, deer ... in short, all things country. Every year, for more than ten, I get to spend time on farms in southern Oregon. It is truly a gift and an opportunity to heal in nature. I am so grateful to be here, now.

If this is the very first time you've ever read any of my posts, welcome! Most of you already know that I share what I hope is wisdom every week. It stuns me that I've been doing this for 15 years or so! Every week I put a lot of thought and attention to what I want to say. Looking back, it's interesting and even a little amusing to see where I've been "coming from" over time. Here are some of the previous titles:

  • Barbara's Laugh Tip

  • Your Sexy Life

  • Luscious Thoughts

  • Pinch of Pleasure

  • The Pleasure Point

  • Pleasure Peek

  • On The Way

  • and, currently, The Seed, The Bloom, The Care (aka Happy, Healthy, Hump Day)

All of these were significant to me and still call to something within. What I find interesting is that even though I felt inclined to move in a slightly different direction or to write from another perspective, when one concept ended, it wasn't over. It merely transitioned onto something else.

This is how I'm seeing life in my 70th decade. With age I'm noticing more conclusions, shall we say. Of course, we can lose loved ones at any age, however, it happens with increasing frequency as years go by. I'm feeling a bit sensitive about things closing like The Christmas Tree Shops in New England recently. David's Bridal is another and Bed, Bath & Beyond is done, but giving its name to Overstock. Loews Theatres are a thing of the past. I've become fascinated with the adventure of aging, probably because I am in the thick of it, lol! While I find it seductive and intriguing (remember, I used to write about Your Sexy Life -- a concept I still believe in whole heartedly), I've observed that many dread it and become increasingly depressed or at least disheartened with each birthday. This week, my a-ha moment came when I thought about endings as being points of transition. Some people, cultures, religions believe that death is a transition from earthly existence to spirit or soul. That's all well and good for the person who dies. What about us left behind? While the relationship ends or feels at least more one-sided, how do we move on? Yes, there is sadness and grief and now what? Can this be an opportunity to make a shift and find out what's around the corner? I dove right into the most sensitive part of endings and loss. It can be the same with any finality. Something is over and now the chance for something else, something new presents itself. Dr. Joe Dispenza says that too many of us wake up every day dreading the same things we hated about our lives the day before and the day before that. What if we worked on transforming our lives by celebrating endings, changing our negative thoughts and beliefs, and living in transition? I'm going to up my game. Let me know if you want to explore with me. As always, be care-full.

Happy Healthy Hump Day,


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Barbara L Cummings, MS, RN

is a sassy Queen-ager whose mission is to co-create a happier, healthier life with and for others.

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