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Decision Collision

Happy Holidays! This is the week -- Hanukkah started Monday, Christmas Eve and Day are Saturday and Sunday, Kwanzaa is next Monday -- there's a lot going on. When there is all this activity coming at us from outside sources, it can make us feel unsettled and stressed and our thinking gets muddled. Maybe you've found yourself questioning whether you should do this or do that ... should you buy this item or that one ... should you eat those goodies or walk away ... should you wear the sparkly outfit or go more casual ... should you get a present for [fill in the blank], just in case they get something for you and how much should you spend ...?? So.Many.Decisions. Monday's Seed was a bit of advice:

"Make a decision and be happy with it. Stop second-guessing. If you need to, tweak it along the way."

Please don't get caught up in analysis paralysis -- you know, when you start weighing all the pros and cons and the what-ifs, not to mention the attempts at mind-reading and don't forget, "it has to be perfect". All that leads to getting nothing done and/or a strong desire to run away or at least hide under the covers until the first week in January. It's a perfect recipe for a miserable holiday. There's only a few days left so it's the perfect time to do the following:

  • STOP -- stressing, overthinking, hyperventilating, obsessing

  • START -- taking 3-5 minutes every morning simply sitting quietly and watching yourself breathe and find your inner calm.

  • CONTINUE -- creating short breaks, throughout the day, where you drop down into the peace and quiet within.

Whatever decisions you've made are just fine. Let everyone else continue whirling. Even better, share my advice and create a posse of people around you who can downshift with you. Most of all, be grateful and enjoy -- this is what I wish for you. If you need a little more support finding quiet in a noisy, relentless, anxiety-filled world, contact me for a complementary Discovery Session. Let's finish out 2022 feeling better about going into 2023.

Sparkles and Love,


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Barbara L Cummings, MS, RN

the Mindful Maven and Mistress of Meditation, is a sassy Queen-ager, mentor, confidante and trusted guide who provides people with everyday life support. 

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