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Like What You Do

While I was in Australia last month, I heard several people mention, in social situations, how much they liked their jobs. It made for such a lovely conversation since it seems like I often hear people only complain about their work. A couple of people mentioned that they started out on a steep learning curve and went into positions they knew little, if anything, about. Through hard work and persistence, they mastered their role of employment and even went on to advance within the company.

Two things especially stood out for me:

  • they showed up and put in the time and effort, and,

  • they discovered what they liked about the work and used that to nurture themselves

I'm a big fan of leaving a set of circumstances that don't work for us. In fact, I'd be the first to point out to someone that they should probably move along when they just can't find the love. However, I also see people sometimes not giving something a chance. It might be because it feels hard and we're afraid to fail. Or, it could be just plain uncomfortable to be in a brand new environment and we don't want to feel or live through the awkwardness. Neither of those are good reasons to not explore the realm of possibility. From the moment we're born, we are thrown into the unknown. No one would recommend taking the first couple of years to learn to walk and talk and then, giving up. Life is about always learning and expanding.

So, the first thing is to give an opportunity a chance. Apply yourself and see what you can both give and get. Stay open and receptive.

Next, once you feel like you're getting the hang of this new venture, see how you feel. Do you eagerly anticipate going to work? If not, is it the specifics of the environment -- that is, do you think you like what you do, but maybe there's something about the structure of the company that doesn't work for you? If you feel like your suggestions might be heard, go for it and if you don't, start looking for another position somewhere else.

In the end, you must like what you do whether it's in a work, social or personal situation. Of course, there will always be ups and downs with anything, but generally there has to be a way to find pleasure in what you do. If not, it will wear you down, drain you, and shut down your creativity and magnificence. As bad as this is for you, it also spills over and negatively affects everyone around you.

Working hard has great value and liking what you do makes it even better. It's like having the best sprinkles on top of an already outstanding cupcake!


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Barbara L Cummings, MS, RN

the Mindful Maven and Mistress of Meditation, is a sassy Queen-ager, mentor, confidante and trusted guide who provides people with everyday life support. 

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