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Get Your Laugh Back

A 5-part course on aging and being happy about it.


I get it -- aging isn't for sissies, but from the moment that we survive birth, life is challenging. By the time we're 2, we've had to learn how to walk and talk. At 5 or even earlier we start school and usually continue with more and more difficult curriculum for at least 12 years. All this and not to mention learning to be sociable. It's not so easy being a kid, yet it appears that they smile 300-400 times and laugh at least 150 times all in a day. Adults are clocked at 17.5 laughs. So what's going on? Are we laughing less because it's so hard to deal with aging or are we having difficulty with getting older because we've lost our sense of humor, our ability to laugh?!?


I believe we can get our laugh back and strive to die young at a very old age. Wouldn't you like to look and live younger?? 


Jane Fonda, 85 years old, recently said, "It's not how old you are. It's how long you have lived, so far.". It's a wonderful time in our lives to look back, take inventory, recognize the wisdom we've gained, and continue to look forward, too. 


Would you like to reframe aging, get your laugh back or at least more smiles? 

Come on a journey with me and others like you and explore a better way.

We're all getting older -- it's a fact of life. The years keep going by but we can do something about HOW we age. Reaching 50, 60, 70 and beyond is no laughing matter ... or is it?! 

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Presented by Barbara L Cummings, MS, RN

Queenager, & Loving Rule Bender

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I have connected with my authentic self, and will continue to do my daily meditations. They continue to bring peace and insights into my life. She is a wonderful coach, who has really set me on a path of continued personal growth and I am grateful for all she did.


Working with Barbara has been a catalyst for positive personal growth and development! She has filled my metaphorical backpack with the things I need to both survive and thrive out there !


Barbara's deep humanity, love, and intuitive compassion for her patients is evident from the get-go and she really layers the science, psychology, and practicality of modern living perfectly into her recommendations.

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