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Keeping Midway Women going with feel good fuel and activity.

Midway Woman


Barbara L Cummings, MS, RN

A Midway Woman is a women who is of a certain age - looking to stay fit, have a sassy and meaningful life and create community for support and sisterhood.

There's a lot for a Midway Woman to notice ... this is the term I use to describe a woman 45-50 and beyond as she begins to be more aware of changes both within and without. It's a time when shift occurs as in, shift happens (we've all seen that bumper sticker, right?). Things get shaken up. We think we're sailing merrily along (or, maybe we're just caught up in inertia) and then, the kids (if we have them) are "suddenly" out of the house and off to college or their own exploration. Our bodies are changing and we might find ourselves more easily gaining weight (for example - and, talk about shifting!) and it's disconcerting. Retirement might be entering the conversation we have with ourselves or our husbands/partners and, of course, this is when the "Bucket List" becomes a hot topic. We know that there's a whole lot of life ahead of us (or, at least we hope so!) and it also feels like it might be time to pause, just for a bit, before we continue forward. This just might be the time to have a "life by design, not by default", especially if we feel like we've been living way more for others than for ourselves. 


One thing I love about being "Midway" is that many women find a new boldness. Since we're usually more acutely aware of time passing we start to pay more attention to the present moment. Little things that used to bother us fall away and there's a sense of urgency to take care of things we might have let slide. For many women, this is when they decide to look for more meaning in their lives. It's also when we start to not give so much of a f*#k! about things we once thought were so important.


This food and activity plan is created and designed for those women. I hope you enjoy it!

© Barbara L Cummings, LLC 2018

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