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What We "Know"

Happy middle of March and bright and breezy St Patrick's Day greetings! I'm winding down my current stay in Southern Oregon and getting ready to head east again. As I started to write this edition of The Bloom I was thinking about why I keep writing to you. From the moment that I heard about electronic newsletters, nearly 15 years ago (!), I felt a need to write, share, and explore. You might think it's because I have it all together and I have to let you know how to do the same. It's exactly the opposite! I have learned a lot, thank goodness, and I continue to have lessons offered to me on a daily basis. I also struggle and stumble and question almost everything regularly. I also can't bear to feel like I'm doing this alone or in a vacuum. When I reach out to you, I'm offering connection because that's what I want and need. I am over the moon whenever any of you write back to me! Whatever I wrote during the last two years, during the pandemic, helped me feel less cut off or alienated. I do this for us, both you and me. Thank you for being on the other end.

The Seed (posted every other Monday) is meant to provoke thought. This week's was inspiration from Orville Wright:

"If we worked on the assumption that what is accepted as true really is true, then there would be little hope for advance."

- O.W.

"As in, people can't fly? Ha, ha, ha -- leavin' on a jet plane!"


If I just looked at circumstances and stuck to my limited beliefs, life would seem dreary and almost unbearable. I would probably feel perpetually "stuck". It doesn't feel good, but sometimes if feels easier to be discouraged. Looking on the "bright side" doesn't always feel natural and there seems to be plenty of support in the world to lean toward lack and restriction. Sorting out the facts and coming up with a set conclusion might be okay sometimes, but what if we long for more?

I don't know why the Orville brothers got it in their heads that they could make flying machines, but they did and they didn't give up until they made it happen. My way of searching out a different truth is to read and seek information about people who have broken through barriers. This is one of the reasons I love travel and museums and libraries. Life is fluid and always changing. How we feel today and view the world could be completely different tomorrow as long as we choose to be flexible. This is hard to do all alone with our repetitious thoughts, especially when they tend to be negative. Trust me, I've experienced exactly that. It's not a fun swamp to fall into! What we think we "know" might not really be the whole truth or even anywhere near it. I recommend expanding your mind by wondering and wandering. Open up some interesting conversations -- and, by the way, I'm available! Albert Einstein said, "Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." Play around with some new possibilities -- this is what I wish for you.

Sparkles and Love,


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