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Flip the Switch

Wow, happy mid summer! It's already beyond the middle of July. I still don't have my car back, however, I'm envisioning it being ready right around my birthday next week. If anyone wants to throw some energy that way and add to the manifestation, I'll accept it with open arms, heart, and soul! Thank you in advance

Not having my car has been interesting and not nearly as impossible as I first thought. I've had to make adjustments -- I was able to find a wonderful place to live just around the corner from the hospital where I'm midway through a 13-week contract. I really enjoy walking back and forth to work. I'm also realizing how many times I might have jumped in my car "just because". Maybe I would have felt bored or even antsy and without thinking I would have taken off to a store, movie, restaurant -- anywhere for a distraction. I feel like the Universe has had my back more than ever during this time. I'm in the thick of a wonderful Holistic Nurse Coaching Course, the foundation of which is Mindfulness! Not having the means to "escape" has brought me back to my roots of meditation and mindfulness training. It feels so good to be taken care of.

This week's Seed was all about this return to awareness:

"Stopping and focusing on your breath is like flipping a switch on the wall. Just as helpful as a light coming on, things will be easier to see."

Instead of being able to "drive away" with my impulses, cravings, sudden thoughts or whims, I've had to make some other choices. While taking off in the car might have involved very little thought and certainly no contemplation, when faced with the idea of flight and no vehicle, it's brought me back to considering, "What am I feeling and what do I do now?". All of this is preceded by one or two deliberate breaths.

When we walk into a room to look for something and it's dark, all we usually have to do is turn on the light and we can see. It's very similar to what happens when we feel confused or overwhelmed or unsure. If we calm down our sympathetic nervous system it will free up our minds and increase our focus and help us "see" more clearly. The next time you have thoughts racing inside your head and you're feeling stressed and bewildered, sit down. Start consciously breathing (there's a good chance you were holding your breath) and watch yourself inhale and exhale. Listen to the sound of air going in and out. Notice where your body is in space, what you're sitting on, and simply watch yourself breathe. At the very least, you will start to feel some stillness and peace. As you surrender to that, you might receive some helpful thoughts. Or, you'll simply feel better, more centered, and less anxious. I doubt that you'll feel like you have to grab your keys and "go" somewhere. I've noticed a difference in what it means to stay and this is what I wish for you. Would you like more support around getting quiet and listening to your inner wisdom? Contact me for a complimentary Discovery session. We can work things out.

Sparkles and Love,


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is a sassy Queen-ager whose mission is to co-create a happier, healthier life with and for others.

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