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Nurturing A Seed

This week's Monday Quote was inspired by nature and the time of year ...

"You are a seed. How are you caring for yourself to grow?"

Springtime in the U.S. Northeast always fills me with wonder. Trees that truly looked dead suddenly sprout green buds, flowers push themselves up out of the ground and bloom, and everything that looked dull and barren is quickly becoming bright and colorful.

Staying with friends who have impressive landscaping and watching their garden crew getting things into shape, I started thinking how everything outside started as a seed which is defined as an embryo which will develop into an adult plant if the seed is germinated with enough warmth, water and nutrients. All of the plants in the backyard are nearly fully grown and watching how they are fed and watered and the soil is cared for, I can see why they thrive -- and, they all started as seeds.

As an RN with a specialty in perinatal healthcare, I could write almost exactly the same thing about us humans We start as an embryo and as long as we remain in a supportive environment, we flourish. If a plant is deprived of water or if the soil becomes contaminated, it cannot continue to mature. Studies, including one done just last year by the Royal Horticultural Society, have also shown that if we talk to plants they respond with increased growth and heartiness. How much more similar could we be to our herbs, flowers, trees, grasses, or shrubs??

There's another way to look at seeds and how they're treated. Whenever I've taught Mindfulness and Meditation classes, I've done my best to let go of the outcome for my clients. Some participants dive into the work as if it's exactly what they've been looking or waiting for. Others are more resistant, sometimes unable to trust that what I'm teaching might be helpful. Talking with colleagues, especially if I'm concerned about someone, I'll often hear, "They may not be getting it now, but perhaps you've planted a seed.".

Have you ever been somewhere like a lecture or workshop and you just don't quite get it? When you leave, however, over the next several days, weeks, or even months, you might find yourself thinking about what was said or presented as if you can't get it out of your mind. You might even start bumping into the particular idea, concept, or thought seemingly everywhere you turn. This could be an example of having a seed planted in your consciousness. You might decide that you'll do whatever it takes to prove it wrong or invalid and you'll likely find yourself frustrated at some point. Or, you could open up to it, nourish it, seek support in finding out more and let it grow.

We are all seeds -- full of the potential to stretch, expand, evolve, and prosper. All we need is good nutrition, some outdoor time to commune with nature, a healthy combination of rain, sunshine, coolness and warmth, mental and physical stimulation, and a feeling of connection to our world. This is what I wish for you. What can you do today to give yourself the best care a seed could ever desire?

Love and Sparkles,

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Barbara L Cummings, MS, RN

is a sassy Queen-ager whose mission is to co-create a happier, healthier life with and for others.

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