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Splashing Through Life

Photo by: Robb Leahy

Life is unpredictable, at best. Yet, many of us live each day as if we "know" exactly what's going to happen next and, as if we might live forever. We put off doing things that not only interest us, but light us up. We save the "good china" or the chic outfit because we are waiting for some vague, special day that will be worthy of those finer things. When we do that, the implication is that today is not very significant. This strikes me as a dreary thought though it might be comforting for others.

Living in an assumptive world is a form of protection -- it has its purpose. If we woke up every day thinking that our world (as we know it) could completely fall apart, we might decide to simply pull the covers over our heads and not budge from our beds. Heading into the day with a sense of security feels far more preferable. By security, I mean a kind of "sameness" where one day is fairly similar to the next. But, many take that one step further. They work hard at creating what feels like a "safety" zone for them. Their lives are spent creating a protection shield around them and sometimes their families. In order to do that, they have to design a very small container within which they live and work, and one that feels like they control. Not only is this limiting, but it is exhausting.

Monday's Quote was from Nikki Rowe, a young woman from Australia who writes about "living free":

"I'd rather learn to dance in the rain

than worry if I have an umbrella

for the rest of my life."

To which, I commented:

"Living in fear and worry just doesn't cut it for me.

Put on your rubber, dancing boots!"

Being afraid to go out just because you don't have an umbrella and it might rain, is the perfect metaphor for not choosing to live life at its fullest. What's the worst that can happen? Would it be so terrible to get wet? Maybe you'd have to seek refuge in an interesting place. Maybe you'd meet other people that were also looking for a dry spot or even others that were getting soaked, too! What a great opportunity to connect.

I've mentioned before that I often have people tell me that they want to be me and I know that they don't really want to be as much of a nomad as I am or have purple hair. I think what appeals to them is that I don't hesitate to walk out the door without an umbrella, whether or not there's a forecast of rain.

Photo by Corey Hearne

Make the most of whatever comes your way. Look for the silver lining in that thunder cloud. Know that you can handle more than you think. Accept life's invitation to see what's around the corner. This is what I wish for you.


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Barbara L Cummings, MS, RN

is a sassy Queen-ager whose mission is to co-create a happier, healthier life with and for others.

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