A Correction

When we sent out the blog earlier, it was brought to my attention that I had unintentionally lead you all astray. Since I know a lot of people have seen another cruise line's advertisements, especially in the US and especially if they watch public television, I mentioned them as a recognizable example of a river cruise. However, I am NOT traveling with that company. In fact, I am on an Avalon ship (www.avalonwaterways.com). I have never been on a river cruise before, but I truly don't think I could be treated any better on another line. Also, after talking with some of the other people on board, it is generally agreed that this is indeed a first rate cruise.

In fact, I have decided to move forward with my long-time dream of inviting groups to travel and making it simpler (and even more fun!). To that end I am in collaboration with a delightful travel agent and we are exploring the possibility of offering two cruises, with Avalon, next year. One of my ideas is to offer one to RN's (who need some Rx) and another for like-minded adventurers. I'll make sure to keep you ALL in the loop.

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