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Creating Well-Being and Beyond

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    - A shot in the arm...

    - Support in these challenging times...

    - Time to take the mask off...


You carry around this constant
low-level anxiety, stress and extra weight and you can't figure out what to do about it. You're frustrated and overwhelmed and you feel like
there's something "wrong" with



You feel like no one really understands how you feel, except perhaps another nurse, but you're all just hanging on by a thread.


You've been showing up for everyone else, wearing a mask for 14 hours a day (both literally and figuratively). You're not sleeping well -- either you have a hard time falling asleep or you're wide awake at 2 or 3am and you're tired.

Nurses, is this you...?

Do you see yourself in any of these...?

If any of those statements describe your life,

there is help!

I am Barbara L Cummings, RN, and I help nurses and other caregivers: sleep and feel better, stress less, lose weight, and take care of themselves so they can care for others with more joy and have more energy.

There is help available. You can make changes now through my 

Shot In The Arm Coaching plan, you'll start:

  • Feeling less stress and more joy

  • Sleeping better

  • Losing weight while truly nourishing yourself

  • And, more!

Ready to make the first step towards the best version of you?  
Don't forget to book your appointment today!


Get started now. Sign up for my FREE gift.

Three Steps to

Better Sleep

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