Naturally Wise

Do you feel wise? If not, is it because you think you need to be a certain age? Or, do you think you need to learn some more? What would allow you to feel wise? It's taken me quite a while to feel like a wise woman. Interestingly, once I decided to take it on, the feeling grew in leaps and bounds. It was as if I finally "owned" my wisdom and realized It had been steadily growing over some time. As I was getting ready to write this week's blogette, I decided, as I often do, to look up the definition of wise and wisdom. This is what I found in the Google dictionary: Wise - adjective: having or showing experience, knowledge and good judgement; responding sensibly or shrewdly to a particular sit

Feeling or Thinking?

I've never been to a live TED talk, but I love watching them on YouTube. Living in Boston most of my adult life, I was often able to attend tapings of interesting people at our local public television. I remember the first time I saw Dr. Dwayne Dyer. For weeks after, in my head, I could hear him say, "When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change". This one statement has helped me countless times. I recently realized that I could apply Dr. Dyer's wisdom to a particular set of circumstances. The more I saw it as a "problem", the less I was able see a solution. When I decided to see it more as a "situation", ways to cope with it and handle it came to the surface. This

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Barbara L Cummings, MS, RN
is a sassy Queen-ager, mentor, confidante and trusted guide who provides people with life support. 

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