Loving and Approving of Ourselves

A couple of weeks ago I came across a video on YouTube of Louise Hay discussing one of her most powerful affirmations, "I love and approve of myself". Even though I knew my assistant had some Monday Quotes in reserve, I felt like we needed to offer up this one when we next posted the MQ. Then, when she sent it to me for approval, all dressed up with a picture and my comment, I almost shut it down. At first it knocked the wind out of me almost as much as it had the first time I heard it. Over twenty years ago, right after I left my 18-year marriage, I heard Dr. Christiane Northrup speak. I had become a fan of hers based on the way she viewed women's health and especially pregnancy and childbi

What's New?!

As those of you who have been with me for awhile know and to those who are newer to the scene, I put out an MQ (Monday Quote) every other week and follow it up with a blogette, as I like to call it, on Thursday. As I looked at our MQ this week I wasn't sure where to begin since there seemed to be so many directions I could take. Here goes with a few that came up ... First, the quote: "Rather than focusing on Old Habits Die Hard, I'd rather relish the thought that New Habits Come On Strongly and With Excitement." My first thought was how perhaps we create repetitive practices because on some level we understand how every day holds the promise (threat?!?) of something new. It might feel more c

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