Everyday Transitions

Wow! This week's Monday Quote was basically all about recognizing that we are constantly encountering how much "conditions" change on a daily basis. No sooner did my assistant hit "send" when I started to live daily adjustments in living color. In fact, this blogette was supposed to go out yesterday and it just didn't happen. Rather than over extending myself and trying to write something from an exhausted place it felt more graceful to go to bed and start fresh in the morning. I might have done it differently in the past. When my ego was the only voice that got my attention, I would have pushed to share some words of wisdom, even though it probably would have taken me twice as long and woul

Good Mood, Bad Mood

I've been doing a huge amount of self-reflection for some time, especially over the last eighteen months. It's been interesting, some of it not very pretty, and other parts delightful. When I started seriously studying the teachings of Buddha I was introduced to the universal law of change. Everything is constantly in transition and I say, "thank goodness!". Some people talk about getting a second chance ... I feel like I've needed dozens of them. I'm grateful for (almost) everything that's lead up to where I am today. Apparently, I needed a lot of learning experiences! Fortunately, I actually learned something with each of them. For example, in my twenties and thirties I was often in a "bad

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