From Mama Gena to Me to You

It's my birthday week! I love birthdays, especially mine and as I put this together a few days before you actually read it, I'm in full-blown celebration mode. As a gift to myself I decided to let someone else guest-star in presenting the blogette. When I first read this, it was a gift to me and now, I'm making it a gift to you. Mama Gena is my guru, my go-to mentor, my shero! I "knew" about her and her School of Womanly Arts for a few years before I finally plunged into her waves of wisdom. I denied myself her offerings and when I finally got into receiving and accepting mode, well, I wondered why I waited so long. It's not too early to think about attending one of her "Experiences" in NYC

Disorderly Conduct

Photo by Onur Bahçıvancılar I'm going to take you backstage at the Barbara L Cummings production this week and let you in on some of the details of what goes into putting out my broadcasts every week ... Usually, about once a month or every four to six weeks, I accumulate a bunch of Monday Quotes (MQ's) and I send them off to my assistant. Sometimes all the stars and planets line up just right and I'll get a lot of "downloads". They really feel like they come out of the blue (or, maybe the pink, green, yellow ...??) and I'm always grateful for them because it means I've had my inspiration and I can relax for a few weeks. The funny thing is, my VA (she's a Virtual Assistant) makes the quotes

Unfounded Gratitude

Photo by Gabrielle Cole More than twenty years ago, Oprah talked about creating a "Gratitude Journal" on her daily, afternoon show. She encouraged her audience to "write down five things you're grateful for, every night, before going to bed". Tony Robbins starts each day focusing on one thing for which he is grateful. As he says, "You can't be fearful and grateful, simultaneously.". Arianna Huffington talks about writing down three things you're grateful for both at the beginning as well as the end of each day. She also recommends sharing them with a friend or two as a means of strengthening their significance. She teaches that "where there is gratitude, there is the realization that we can

Bloom At Any Age

Photo by Tim Mossholder Summer has arrived in New England, Boston specifically. Temperatures have been hitting 100 and the sun is shining. The traditional school year is over until September and I often think of students who just finished high school and might be heading to college. I remember feeling like I wasn't ready for college. Actually, I liked school quite a bit and I loved learning new stuff, but I didn't have a clue in what I wanted to be (when I grew up and, apparently, it was time to grow up!). I thought there was something definitely "defective" about me because I couldn't bear the thought of choosing what I would do, for the rest of my life! I admired people who dreamed of bei

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