My Lovable Body

Whenever I talk to anybody after they've been on vacation, one thing they almost always mention is how much weight they've gained, as in, "I had a great time and now I have to pay for it. I've got to get back on track." It always makes me feel a little sad that they feel like there's this big downside to enjoying themselves. You know I'm not big on should-ing ourselves, but having a good time should be just that. It should mean feeling better than usual and being able to bask in that glow for at least a few days when we get home. It shouldn't mean getting more and more uncomfortable while away and then, having to face tight clothes upon return. So, what happens when we travel?? Based on my o

Life With Gusto

Woo-hoo! I've been in Portugal for four days (five, by the time you receive this) and it's been fantastic! I've thought about visiting for many years, especially since I speak Portuguese, yet I never followed through. Well, better late than never! While I've often created adventures, the last four years have really been my time to up my travel. The two most important words in that sentence are my time. I love to travel. Some people agree with me and others would rather do something else. We all have our longings and desires and none are less or greater than another's. However, there is no way that another person can do what we want to do and have us feeling satisfied any more than I can tr

Slightly Flawed Perfection

Photo by Annie Spratt Oh, my goodness ... this time next week I will have been in Portugal for five days already! I'm still working one more shift at the hospital and I haven't packed, yet, and I want so badly to look like I have it all together! Actually, I feel a little bit like a hot mess which is charming and right on target for the MQ (Monday Quote) that we posted: "You won't be perfect, but be careful not to elevate your flaws, either." Ideally, falling somewhere in the middle is the goal. Trying to be perfect (or, at least trying to look like we are) is a trap many of us fall into. It's so unrealistic and so stressful! When we finally throw in the towel, however, we sometimes go to th

Facts Without Blame

Photo by Brandon Couch I don't know about you, but I've had my share of therapy sessions. There have been many times when I just couldn't seem to "figure out" life on my own. Often these sessions were helpful and over time, I was drawn to coaching as a more effective way, for me, to get to the heart of things. One way to differentiate the two is that coaching is about motivation to start where you are and move forward while therapy looks for a resolution to past problems in order to reach future goals. I turned to coaching because I was tired of hashing over what I remembered, which was simply my "take" on a given situation and not always "true". It made me feel more stuck. As I look back, h

What the Heck is Normal?!

There's a lot for a Midway Woman to notice ... this is the term I use to describe a woman over 45 as she begins to be aware of changes both within and without. It's a time when shift occurs as in, shift happens (we've all seen that bumper sticker, right?). Things get shaken up. We think we're sailing merrily along and then, the kids (if we have them) are "suddenly" out of the house and off to college or their own exploration. Our bodies are changing and we might find ourselves more easily gaining weight (for example) and it's disconcerting. Retirement might be entering the conversation we have with ourselves or our husbands/partners and, of course, this is when the "Bucket List" becomes a ho

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