Change Your Thinking

Photo by Joyce Huis Have you ever been with a group of people and find yourself getting caught up in a lot of complaining? Did you ever wonder, "How did I get into this conversation and why am I so 'into' it?!?" While, at the same time, when it's over and you walk away, you feel yucky?? Have you ever found yourself back in the same place with the same group of people still complaining about the same stuff?!? And, what's worse, is that it is so easy to get sucked right back into it. So, one more question ... with all the whining and kvetching and grumbling, has a solution to the "problem" ever been born in the midst of it? Not usually and there's a good reason for that and Albert Einstein put

Ancient Becomes New Age

Photo by kinkate I have a confession and it might surprise some of you ... even though I was pretty outgoing from an early age, I was not necessarily a happy person. In fact, I was an angry, young woman through my 20's, 30's, and into my 40's. I'm still working on making up for some of the damage I did back then, but that's a topic for another time. I think one of the reasons I became a seeker as early as my teens (or, maybe even before!) was because I had a sense that something was missing. I somehow knew that there was some deep stuff to discover or uncover. Of course, as I continue my journey, I now know that the wisdom I was looking for went far back in time, however, it's been "new" for

Figuring, Not Fixing

From a very young age, I spent a lot of time trying to "get it right". I didn't know what I didn't know and I unrealistically thought I should already know ... everything. I often felt like I was doing something or everything wrong. It's also interesting that I thought I was the only one who just couldn't be perfect. If only I dressed better, or was funnier, or thinner, prettier, or my hair was straight, or I was smarter. I constantly worked very hard to "fix" myself. The first weekend in December last year and then, again, the first weekend in February, just a couple of weeks ago, I was part of a team. Mama Gena, the founder of the School of Womanly Arts, hosted a total of over 3,500 women

Splashing Through Life

Photo by: Robb Leahy Life is unpredictable, at best. Yet, many of us live each day as if we "know" exactly what's going to happen next and, as if we might live forever. We put off doing things that not only interest us, but light us up. We save the "good china" or the chic outfit because we are waiting for some vague, special day that will be worthy of those finer things. When we do that, the implication is that today is not very significant. This strikes me as a dreary thought though it might be comforting for others. Living in an assumptive world is a form of protection -- it has its purpose. If we woke up every day thinking that our world (as we know it) could completely fall apart, we mi

In Courage

I never know where my inspiration will come from when I'm getting "downloads" for the Monday Quote. At times there will be a flurry of thoughts and observations, especially if I'm driving. Some people are stimulated by ions in the shower. The wheels of my brain sometimes feel like they sync up with the wheels of my car. Monday's Q this week got a nudge from a lot of what I heard all around me the whole month of January. As soon as that ball dropped in Times Square it felt like we were being bombarded by every weight loss program or plan from every direction. Every magazine, commercial tv or radio show has been offering multiple ways to "lose 5, 10, 20, or even, 100 pounds!" In New England wh

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