December Reflections

The last week in December stands out for me as being unique because holidays are definitely not "business as usual". It's a mixed bag of ups and downs, especially depending on what your year has been like and what's been going on in your life. For me, 2017 held a series of events, some of them ongoing, that had an unsettling effect. Having said that, however, I also received the gift of looking at life a little differently and with more gratitude because of these previous eleven months. Loss played a big role in my life this year: my mother, my children's father, and a friend all died with another longtime pal battling a serious health crisis. My 88-year old father decided to sell the house

Listen to Pitbull

I love it when people share their wisdom. It's part of why I send out a quote every Monday and then, write about it on Thursdays in my blogette. I love sharing a specific message from others and I also feel like it's my duty to often pass along my own observations and lessons-learned. The way I see it, we are all in this, meaning life, together and the more we can help each other out, the better. Sometimes I'm surprised at the source for these lessons, but that just helps to remind me that everyone has their journey and something to offer. Sometimes it's even more meaningful to me when I hear or read something enlightening from an unexpected source. This was what happened when I recently hea

The Perfection Trap

'Tis the season ... for stress! Lots of it! Over the years I've noticed that one of the big reasons that we feel pushed to our limits is because we get caught up in wanting our holidays to be "perfect". From November until January we exhaust ourselves in search of the "perfect" ... Outfits Gifts Cards Parties Dinners Desserts and, the list goes on. We even expect people to act "perfectly". I love looking up definitions of words, especially because where words come from sometimes gives great insight into how we've possibly twisted their original meaning. The roots for perfect are Latin: per- meaning through or completely + facere- the verb to do which led to the Latin word perfectus meaning

Cut Out the Noise

Last weekend I served on Team Pleasure for Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts Experience ( - there will be another one in February). For two days we filled the Javits Center in NYC with nearly 2500 women. We explored exhaustion, self-doubt, and resignation -- I don't know if you can relate to any of those, but they definitely rang some bells for the participants. We commiserated and celebrated our sisterhood. We danced to loud, hot rhythms and we shouted out encouragement to each other. We whooped and hollered and at times, the decibel level was pretty high, but we also had some quiet stretches. In fact, there were even moments of silence. This was exactly what everyone need

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