Giving Up The Fight

Last week was Thanksgiving in the U.S. and since I was (still!) on the road and had just moved my Dad into an Independent Senior Living apartment, I decided to take the week off from my Thursday blogette. I hope you all enjoyed your holiday, if you were celebrating. I was fortunate to be invited to a large get-together at my dear friend's daughter's home. There were at least three generations represented with babies and teenagers present and I noticed the phrase "you learn to pick your battles" coming up frequently, especially as the veteran parents offered advice. Sometimes, we might find ourselves in a clash with our children -- one that we've quickly initiated. Yet, if we stop and think a

Life is Better With Compassion

As I mentioned last week, I was on retreat from Tuesday through Sunday. The setting couldn't have been more beautiful, peaceful and favorable for reflection and learning. It sat up on a mountain in northern Georgia and since it was just recently built, everything was new and fresh. All in all, the surroundings were perfect. Every afternoon, there were several trails in the woods to explore, all clearly marked. Three meals a day were provided with great care taken in the preparation and selection of ingredients. I was really impressed with the twenty-five participants who all made themselves available to the group as a whole. This nurtured a bond, an openness and the ability to feel free to d

Retreats Are Essential

I love retreats! It's a little bit like going off to camp as a kid. For example, when you go away to camp you get to: meet kids from other places try out a different location make new friends take a break from your family and friends at home often appreciate what you have at home more learn new things about yourself build up your confidence by facing different situations acquire knowledge and skills, sometimes about things you never imagined As an adult, instead of going to "camp", we can go on retreat where we get to: meet people from other parts of the country or world get a feel for a different environment make new friends get some time off from family commitments, job situations & genera


I remember not only not having a cell phone, but also not even having an answering machine! I suppose this sounds old fashioned or just plain "old" and I get that technology keeps evolving and that's a good thing, however ... sometimes we need to pause, take a breath and re-evaluate. Occasionally, I've stepped out the door without my phone. At first, panic hits me, but then, it's replaced by a sense of relief although I still feel like I should advise everyone that I am out and about and I am not tethered -- almost like being in public with no underwear! It feels like pure freedom. Without the distraction of incoming calls (many of which I do not answer) or the urge to check email, messages

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