Nature Abhors a Vacuum

On Monday I posted my last "Pleasure Peek". This had been a weekly quote, often directly from me or at least a comment on someone else's observation that I saw as helpful for living a life with pleasure as one of the key ingredients. I still believe pleasure is an essential nutrient and I've been getting very clear messages (thank you, Universe) and even better ideas for sharing my wisdom, thoughts, and experience. For many years and starting decades ago (!), I thought I wanted to own a spa. In addition to offering up yummy facials and massages, I also envisioned being able to have all-day gatherings for women to come together to share and learn from each other. Taking on the business aspect

Is This The Life You're Supposed To Be Living

I spent two weeks driving from Boston to Oregon and arrived at my destination on Sunday. I am currently on the side of a small mountain (foothill?) surrounded by nature and beauty and love (I am with my daughter and her dog). This week's Pleasure Peek was from an interview with Reese Witherspoon that I read in Glamour Magazine: "Is this the life you're supposed to be living?" She mentioned that it was a question she and Oprah and perhaps some other deep-thinking women had explored when they were together. I don't know what life I am supposed to be living. Something about driving solo across the vast United States with my bags of what I thought was "important" when I packed them has allowed a

Does This Help?

The last couple of weeks have been a flurry of anxiety-provoking events, news broadcasts, and concerns. Madame Weather dealt a nasty hand to Texas, Florida, and other parts of the US. Meanwhile, on the west coast, forest fires have been burning, leaving ash and acrid air in many residential areas. On top of all of those "natural" disasters, last Monday was a reminder of the horrific 9/11 attack on the U.S. in 2001. Often, it's hard to know what to say in these circumstances. Sometimes a hug instead of words is best. Other times, simply acknowledging that it's a "hard time" is enough. I'm sure we've all read about what not to say, such as, "I know what you're going through" when we really can

Kiss Perfectionism Good-bye

I used to think that my goal in life was to be perfect, in every way. How exhausting and what an impossible task! No wonder I had stomach problems as a teenager. I must have been churning out all kinds of unhealthy acid with my worries and anxieties. I don't talk about this often (probably because it totally blows up any illusion of my being perfect, LOL), but I was assaulted by anxiety off and on for much of my life. Fortunately, I'm in a good space with it now and have been for more than twenty years, but my 30's were some of the most uncomfortable years I've ever had. My life got smaller and smaller as I became a victim to my panic attacks. In an attempt to regulate them, I put many bound

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