We Never Know

I always aim to write from the heart. This week's blog is not only from my heart, but also my soul, and my whole being. It's been a week of raw emotion that has left me feeling chewed up and spit out. I never knew grief could leave you feeling unbelievably dull and stupid. I did things like leave my keys on the walkway in the front of my father's house. I put something down and less than a minute later couldn't recall where I left it. I wondered, more than once, if I was having a stroke or at least coming down with vertigo. Let me back up, all the way to May, 1976. A long-time, dear friend of mine broke off an engagement with his girlfriend and left the area. I found myself having dinner wit

It's Inevitable

Change is a constant. Even though I'd "dabbled" in meditation for many years, when I first became a student of Vipassana, one of the major concepts, anicca, blew me away with its obvious simplicity. Vipassana can be translated as "insight". It's the 2500 year old teachings of Gotama Buddha and it is an awareness of exactly whatever is happening as it happens. It's also referred to as "mindfulness". Anicca is the "law" that all things are impermanent and constantly changing. A simple way to look at this is to look at ourselves. We are born as infants and we immediately begin to evolve and grow and we don't stop until we move on to the next dimension. Scientists will confirm that molecules and

When a Pause is an Excuse

How is your life, lately? Take a moment to reflect. There's no need to answer immediately, although it might be interesting to see what the first word was that came to mind. This week's Monday Pleasure Peek "Watch out for signs that you've put your life 'on hold'. Have you hit the 'pause' button?" was meant to get you to take a moment and think about it. Surprisingly, if you answered, "Oh, no, I'm way too busy for that!", you may actually be postponing moving forward. We can get stalled out in busyness. Think about when you've needed to do something important. Have you ever caught yourself organizing your sock drawer instead? Even though you might be spinning your wheels, you may just be loo

Countdown to Joy

Do you struggle sometimes? Who doesn't?! Life doesn't always feel smooth and easy. In fact, at times it can seem like you're on a downward spiral. There are lots of reasons why we get into a slump: Getting caught up in bad news (CNN=Constantly Negative News) Focusing on what's "wrong" in our lives Ignoring our need for self-care Surrounding ourselves with energy vampires I'm sure you can add a few of your own. So, what can we do about it? It's really simple, once you get the hang of it ... Count. Your. Blessings. Even though I "know" what a blessing is, I wanted to look up the definition and I love what I found -- "something that brings well-being". Who wouldn't want some of that?!? I know I

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