Amazing Simplicity

Have you ever had a day or even an hour where life just seems impossible? Have you reached certain points in your life where you might have even felt hopeless? I know I have. I've wanted to simply quit and like a boxer who can't take another hit, I've had my moments when I just wanted to throw the towel back into the ring and walk away. Often, when that happens, if someone offers me a solution, I'll reject it on principle. I already feel like there's so much going on, I can't deal with one more thing, even if it's supposed to help. Usually, because the situation seems so big and complicated, I can't even imagine that there might be something seemingly small and simple that will turn it aroun

Say This, 3X/Day

I love Louise Hay. Even if I didn't agree with or believe in what she does and promotes, I love her for being passionate, bold, and willing to go public with what she holds true. Since I do agree with her work and vision, she's even more special to me. You can "google" her or look up her biography on her website, Her "story" is fairly well known. Since I had friends with HIV/AIDS, I think I probably started to hear about her when she was doing her beautiful work in the gay community in the 1980's. Homosexual men were getting sick and many were dying (From 1982-2004, 529,113 deaths were reported caused by AIDS. While not all of these were gay men, the majority were.) This was a

Enough For Everyone

Do you ever find yourself holding back? Maybe you don't feel like leaving an adequate tip. Or, you resent someone else winning a prize. How about if another person is happy -- do you worry that it means less happiness for you? Somewhere as we go through life we get the idea that there isn't "enough". Not enough money, joy, good fortune, or even potential partners. If someone else receives a gift, we began to be afraid that there won't be anything left for us. We get caught up in a poverty mentality and it doesn't just relate to dollars and cents. There is a beautiful teaching from Buddha: May you see others' joy as your own Basically, whenever we see a person receive a blessing, boon or wind

Circles of Support

As I sat down to write this, I realized that my first thought was about not always being in one's comfort zone. In fact, in my head, I started to bash the idea of always staying in the company of people who think like I do. This is a little bit of the dialogue that went on... "You're never going to get another perspective or see another side if you don't hang around with people who disagree with you." "Some of your best learning experiences have been in uncomfortable situations." "It's good practice to 'defend' yourself, or have it pointed out that you are 'wrong'." When I first sent this week's Pleasure Peek to my VA (Virtual Assistant), I thought it sounded brilliant: "Seek and join circle

Choosy & Empowered

I've had lots of different jobs ever since I was 16. Never one to go conventional and with a strong survival instinct I've succeeded being on my own for most of my life with a colorful variety of ways to earn. For the past 20+ years I've worked primarily with women, both my colleagues and my patients or clients. One thing that really strikes me (and, also makes me feel sad) is how many women feel like they have little or no power over their lives. Even though I put on a good front, I know exactly how they feel ... "been there, done that". Until I got married I went back and forth between, "Oh, crap, I have to do this", and, "Yippee, I get to do this". After my marriage though, and, especiall

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