Hemming and Hawing

Do you ever find yourself in the midst of indecisiveness, dilly-dallying, or sitting on the fence? Lately, it's where I live and it's not comfortable. One minute I think I want to buy a franchise, the next I consider simply being a travel nurse until I drop, and then, I start wondering if I should run a B&B. Those are only three of the possibilities that have run through my mind recently. There have been many more. Some of them show up in dreams (those lean toward the bizarre) and some catch my attention when I hear about someone else doing something that sounds interesting. Over all, it's exhausting and it leaves me questioning almost everything. This is what it's like to be in my head late

Up Close and Personal

From a young age I struggled with finding my place in organized religion. I liked some of the music and the beauty of the surroundings, but those were the outer features and accessories. I especially liked the minister that headed up our church because he sang some of the service in a beautiful, mellow voice. That helped me connect to my inner soul more than any of the sermons or lessons. I was born "woo-woo". When I looked up that term while preparing for this blog, I took offense with some of the definitions. "ideas considered irrational" "concerned with emotions, mysticism or spiritualism; other than rational or scientific" "the woo-woos are more comfortable being ignorant of reality" I'm

Curvy and Lush

Anyone who knows me or has spent some time with me has heard me say that I love the differences between men and women. While television commercials often emphasize those variations in a negative light, making one appear superior to the other, I enjoy discovering how the contrasts complement each other. There is a school of thought that describes men as more linear thinkers. Sometimes it shows up in a style of conversation. We often think of men as "staying on topic" and being minimalist in their conversational style while women talk in a more circular style. I think of it as being a curvy approach to dialogue. My theory is that our style of expressing ourselves can mimic our body type. Men

Be The Trailblazer

Do you remember being a kid, maybe from middle school on, and you felt swept up into a thought, action, or behavior that didn't feel quite right, yet you got onboard anyway? It's called peer pressure and it doesn't end when you graduate from high school! We get so caught up and worried that we'll be left out, on our own, and we crave connection so much, we lose sight of our principles. We're uneasy with the idea of disagreeing with what looks like "everyone else", so we go along, despite feeling a little queasy. Sometimes, we just can't do it. We can't let an injustice pass us by or we can't let someone get hurt because of a misguided belief or misunderstanding. Sometimes, we have to summon

Pay Attention

Here's something to think about ... when you are having a really good time, do you fully enjoy it? Is there an awareness that something juicy is going on? Do you ever ponder the significance of what it means to be having fun, engaging in an activity that brings you pleasure? Are you even fully present for it or, do you have the thought, later on, "Gee, I had a good time last night", and that's it? The reason I'm asking is because I used to get a thrill out of something and leave it at that. It was simply a fleeting moment. Over the years and through mindfulness, I've had a different reaction. One of the experiences that changed my thinking was hearing Barbara Sher, author of Wishcraft: How t

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