New Goals and Dreams

A whole year will have gone by and a new year will be upon us in just a couple of days! A week ago I wrote about looking back and how people get caught up in their year end review. Now, as we approach January 1, all the talk is about "resolutions" and the intention of making changes in our lives. New Year's resolutions feel hard. I rarely get the feeling that anyone feels excited or that the process will be fun. Instead, it's more about what we think we should do or what we have to do to be better. As if, at the end of each year, we find ourselves falling short, full of bad habits, and unable to recognize our accomplishments as much as our (perceived or imagined) failures. You'll hear people

Wins and Losses

This is a good time of year for reflection. In fact, we are reminded around every corner of another year ending and a new one beginning. The phrase we frequently hear is "year end review". Even though I often color outside the lines, I've surrendered to what's in the air ... Many of you have heard my sometimes funny, often not so amusing, tale of moving to Florida. Eight years ago I sold my Massachusetts house -- it was a home I loved. I had created a nest that was decorated just the way I wanted it and I had enjoyed almost 10 years there. However, I was really tired of New England winters and I felt like the community around me wasn't quite what I wanted and too far from a more urban settin

Fine Arts

Growing up in the 1950's & 60's in a suburb outside of Boston, MA, I reaped the benefits of a well-supported public school system. Instead of dealing with budget cuts and removing opportunities for students, the town and school committee seemed to always be looking for ways to improve our education. We often went on "field trips" and since Boston was only about 30 minutes away, our busses pulled up to any one of the wonderful museums frequently. I don't remember the first time I was "exposed" to the arts, but I remember feeling like the Museum of Fine Arts was a familiar and comfortable place by the time I was 10 years old. My fourth grade teacher had introduced us to the great painters like

Like What You Do

While I was in Australia last month, I heard several people mention, in social situations, how much they liked their jobs. It made for such a lovely conversation since it seems like I often hear people only complain about their work. A couple of people mentioned that they started out on a steep learning curve and went into positions they knew little, if anything, about. Through hard work and persistence, they mastered their role of employment and even went on to advance within the company. Two things especially stood out for me: they showed up and put in the time and effort, and, they discovered what they liked about the work and used that to nurture themselves I'm a big fan of leaving a set

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