We all have habits and we tend to think of them as "bad". You know, "She has a [bad] habit of biting her nails", or, "He has a [bad] habit of interrupting people". When I googled the definition, this is what I found: a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up, as in, "this can develop into a bad habit". Yet, when I looked up synonyms, this came up: custom, pattern, practice, routine. They all mean pretty much the same thing, but only "habit" implies there's a problem. I prefer the word "ritual". Somehow, we do something that feels right in a particular situation. When a similar set of circumstances happens again, we repeat the response. Eventually, we f

It's Like This...Wonderland

It's Thanksgiving in the USA today. Everyday is a chance to be grateful and today is an opportunity to let the collective consciousness get a boost. I hope you are having exactly the day you want. It's also a perfect day to say a little more about my Monday Comment from this week. "You don't have to be Alice to find a Wonderland!" I'm in southern California today, enjoying a fine Thanksgiving with special friends. I finished up my month plus with my daughter in the Pacific Northwest a couple of days ago and I also just returned from Australia. I definitely have found some "Wonderlands" over the last couple of months. Remember, though, while Alice had some delightful adventures, it wasn't al

It's Like This...Personal Discovery

Travel. Anyone who knows me or even just reads my blogs and other stuff is clearly aware that I love to travel. As I write this, I am just outside of Sydney, Australia. By the time I return to the US next week, I expect I'll have explored a little more of this country "down under" with some train trips. Before I got on a plane for 16 hours (!), I was on the west coast, mostly Oregon since October 1. In June I sailed down the Rhine, Main, and Danube on a river cruise for fifteen days and then, returned to Vienna and eventually ended up in Berlin. In January I spent several days in Florida and the month of February in Tennessee. Whenever I'm in Boston for any time, I make regular jaunts to New

It's Like This...Maintenance

I'm writing this from LAX as I wait to get on a plane to Sydney, Australia! I've been drawn to go "down under" for the past year so I'm very excited to finally be on my way. Sitting in the airport and planning for a 16 hour (!) flight reminds me of all the things we do on a daily basis. For example, I'm bringing comfort items so that I can sleep for much of the flight (it's overnight). I slept last night and I need to refresh and recharge again. I've been drinking a little extra water so I can stay hydrated -- I did the same yesterday and that's already been used up and I'm doing it again. I'm looking at snacks more than heavy meals during the actual traveling, however I can't count on the m

All In Good Time

Wow, I've been in the Pacific Northwest now for over a month and it feels like time is flying! Isn't it interesting how many catch phrases we have around time?? This week's Pleasure Point asked, "What do you do with time?", and it got me thinking ... Mahatma Gandhi is credited with saying, "Live as if you were to die tomorrow". At first look, it seems like a rather dark comment, however, I think he was trying to tell us to "treasure every moment you have and live to the fullest". In other words, "savor your time". We've all heard the phrase, "just killing time". What exactly does that mean? Well, it's about frittering an hour or so, often while waiting for the next thing. It implies that ri

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