Manifestos & Keep On Learning

This week, in the Pleasure Point, I encouraged everyone to find something in which you can become competent and proficient. It feels good to be an expert and it doesn't have to be rocket science. In fact, you might be admired more for knitting beautiful sweaters, designing efficient rooms, or knowing how to roast the perfect chicken. I also went on to say that it doesn't stop there. While you can be "known" for doing something extremely well, it's also important to keep adding to your personal information. It gives us something to look forward to -- what will I learn today?!? As a mentor, I am also constantly being coached and supported personally. One of the most recent "assignments" from m

A Dress, Stress & Success

Did anyone ever tell you to dress a certain way if you were going for a job interview? The term "dress for success" is advice that's been handed down forever (or, at least for a very long time) to anyone who wants to get a good job. First impressions often do count -- a lot. It could be that a very qualified person might be overlooked based on how they look. It might be that a person who is desperate for a job just can't afford a nice outfit. To address that, Nancy Lublin started Dress for Success ( in 1995. As the internet states, they are a "global, non-profit organization that promotes economic independence of women by providing professional attire, a network of s

Hope for Fun

This week's Pleasure Point ("The alternative to happy and pleasurable does not hold much hope for fun") was all about looking for the good times in our lives. I realized after it went out that I used a bit of double negatives to come up with a positive. Didn't our English teachers tell us not to do that?!? LOL, I'm glad I've got this week's blog to get into it a little deeper. I often have people tell me that I seem to have a “joie de vivre”. Rather than looking for or worrying about the pitfalls I seek ways to have fun. One of my favorite sayings is, “If you go looking for trouble, you’ll probably find it” and I never go searching for it. Instead, I focus my attention and energy on the pos

Mexican or Chinese??

This week's Pleasure Point [If you're not on the list yet, sign up here!] was about "reality" and social hypnosis. There are so many ways this could be applied or explained. It's a bit of a stretch, but one I was reminded of recently circled around relationships and how we lose sight of what really works. We fall into a common belief. A friend was telling me about going out to dinner with her guy. He asked her where she wanted to eat and she put it back on him. He stated that he really didn't mind and he wanted her to choose. She thought, "I don't want to pick a place where he doesn't want to go" and she knew he usually liked Mexican food. That would have been ok (not necessarily great) with

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