Napoleon Hill in 1937 Photograph by New York World-Telegram and the Sun Newspaper Photograph Collection/Library of Congress "Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything." Napoleon Hill If you are familiar with Napoleon Hill, you know that he wrote Think and Grow Rich, a book in which he interviewed and examined successful men from the early 1900's to see what made them tick. One of the major factors in their accomplishments was an unwavering desire. Do you have a strong feeling of wanting to have or do something? What would it look like to have it? Can you imagine yourself receiving it? Those are all steps t


"Every day is a chance to re-affirm your wonder" I remember when this week's Pleasure Point "came" to me. I was thinking about each day being brand new with the wonder of a fresh start. What does it mean to you? When you begin your day is it a clean slate or is it already full of yesterday's sh#&t?! It all depends on how you see it because whatever was going on yesterday isn't anymore ... except in your head. Even if you're dealing with a particular situation, when you wake up to a new day you have the opportunity to see it differently or have some new insights into it. If that seems impossible, let me give you a few suggestions: Before going to bed, take out a journal and write about the si

Gut Feelings

Monday's Pleasure Point encouraged all of you to listen to your intuition. It really is your inner wisdom guiding you. Sometimes I choose to ignore it -- I do not recommend this!! Trust me, been there, done that, and with icky results! However, I definitely recognize when a little (and, sometimes not so little) voice inside of me tries to get my attention. What if you aren't sure what your intuitive nudge sounds or feels like and how do you make friends with it? I have a few suggestions. Something a lot of people struggle with is the difference between true intuition and plain, old fear or hesitation. This is what it boils down to: if you're getting mostly a physical reaction to something, i

Where You Focus, There You Go

This week's Monday Pleasure Point was a quote from my favorite guide Abraham ( It was all about how we feel when we give something our attention. Lately, I've been watching people more than usual and noticing whether they seem happy, grumpy, dopey ... or, impersonating any other dwarf from Snow White! Mostly, I've been wondering what it takes to be unhappy or even miserable and what I've realized is that many people have limiting beliefs. I've always loved the first line of an Emily Dickinson poem, "I dwell in possibility". I am mostly an upbeat, cheerful person and there is a reason for that -- I don't like feeling down and out. I don't enjoy feeling full of gloom and

Believe Bigger & Split Your Britches

Last week I saw that a friend had commented on FB about wishing she had another woman's confidence. My response was swift -- "You do, you just don't know it". Then, I was working with a new business mentor and we were talking about how many women have told me, "I want to be you when I grow up". The underlying belief that goes with that statement is, "You've got something I don't have". Monday's Pleasure Point was "You are what you believe." Too many of us are afraid of being too big for our britches. Even though I know what that means, I wanted to see what the dictionary said: How's this ... having an exaggerated sense of their own importance or, your assumed position is larger than the actu

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