A Force-full Case

"Finding routines that contribute to your total well-being + Hanging with people that support your dreams = Becoming a force to contend with in the best possible way!" This week's Pleasure Point was a mathematical equation. Basically, it was one part healthy routines plus a good support group equals becoming a force to contend with. Let's start at the end and work backwards. What does it mean to be a force to reckon or contend with? It means being important, powerful and strong, but most of all someone who cannot or must not be ignored. Oh, my! Does that send a shiver of excitement or terror through you? Are you tired of being ignored or does that feel safer? In general, it usually feels goo

Getting in the Game

This week's Pleasure Point was about not being afraid to make mistakes. Rather than being ashamed of wrong turns, we can look at them as a sign that we are living our lives, full on. A perfect example of this is Thomas Edison's quote: "I make more mistakes than anyone else I know, and, sooner or later, I patent most of them!" If Tom had quit after his first few "failures", we might still be reading at night by candlelight. Instead, he learned from his experiments and even though it wasn't the results he hoped for, something else came from it. Google is full of quotes about mistakes (one site had almost 900 of them!): “I have learned all kinds of things from my many mistakes. The one thing I

How Do You...

If you're on my list you get a Pleasure Point (PP) in your inbox on Mondays and this blog/newsletter on Thursdays. Once in a while I wonder about connecting the two. Lately, and especially this week, it felt like a natural link. I knew I had a lot more to say about the questions I raised in the PP. Read on as we dive deeper, together, into the pleasurable topic of self-care ... This week's PP: "How do you take of yourself? What kind of attention do you give your body? What do you do to give your mind a rest? How do you nurture your soul? How do you take care of yourself? Do you have certain rituals or routines? Most of us do simple things like brush our teeth, floss, take a shower, use a moi

Bad Mom/Good Mom

I love going to the movies ... alone. I can be a very social person, however, I adore showing up at a movie theatre in the middle of the day and having the whole place to myself or with just a few other people. When I sold my house north of Boston, one of the things I missed a lot was not having a movie theatre right down the street. This summer, my sister has graciously opened up her home to me while I fulfill a 10-week RN contract. It's a little far to walk, but an easy drive to a movie theatre and last weekend I treated myself to two films! It had been hot and then, got cloudy and rainy, so there were more people in the cinema than I would have liked ...;-), however, it was still delightf

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